We’ve got an adorable lap size youngster in the herd, waiting to meet his forever fam. Say hello to CALVIN! (His friends call him Cal.)

You never have to guess what Cal is thinking – those expressive eyes and ears say it all, and then some! That’s okay because what he’s thinking 99.9% of the time is that “YOU’RE THE BEST AND WE’RE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!” Don’t we all need more of that in our lives? (The other .1 percent is “TREATS NOW?” if you’re wondering.)

Calvin is a crack-up to be around. There’s so much personality packed into his 10 pound body. Pertinent facts: He’s around 18 months and super smart, also fixed, housebroken, and responsive to vocal correction. He knows a few tricks, like sit, stop and quiet. Calvin doesn’t bark much but will alert when there are deliveries at the door or someone he hasn’t met yet in the house. His foster mom always comments on what a good boy he is. Yay Cal!

One thing we love about Calvin: puppy hijinks are never far away. He’s always ready to play with his doggie siblings, and he really loves to ‘help’ around the house. Need a sock relocated from your laundry to a mystery spot? Cal’s your dog! He likes to keep life interesting and remind us all to find joy in the little things. Like socks.

He might be a pup but he’s not high-energy. Cal would be perfectly happy in a quiet adult home with low foot traffic. We’d love for him to have a companion as he prefers hanging out with his doggie pals. He’s an easy going guy and might also be able to live with cats. He crates well with a toy or treat to keep his active mind busy, and he travels well in the car. He’d love to go with you almost anywhere; he’s just not a fan of busy, crowded areas.

Cal’s a little shy and prefers slow intros to new people. He’s been working on his leash manners and remaining calm when he sees strange dogs. He’s an excellent student when you set boundaries and stick to them. He’s also extremely food-motivated which helps! Once he has a chance to warm up to people and pups, Cal is a total charmer. In just a few minutes he’s cuddling or playing. He’s been a hit with his foster family!

Calvin’s favorites: Morning cuddles, playing with doggie friends, treats and dinner – in that order!

Funniest thing: If you’re working at your desk and look up, you’ll find Cal staring at you with a HUGE smile on his little face!

If you need a daily reminder that life is really really fun, ask us about meeting Calvin today!

Southern California only please

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