Our adorable senior Crouton is ready to find a home of her own! We think this dainty 19 lb lady is around 10 years young and may have some corgi ancestry. She’s one of the sweetest-tempered dogs we’ve had in the rescue (and we’ve had some real sweetie pies). She loves people of all ages and gets along with dogs and cats – the perfect companion for everyone.

Housebroken, very well-behaved, with polished car and leash manners – you can take Crouton anywhere. And she’d love to come. Really, she just wants to be near you (not sitting on you, just near you). If she can’t, she’ll quietly find a place to snooze until you come back (to a happy, loving doggie greeting). 

Noisy kids don’t phase her – partially because she’s deaf, but also because she’s just chill like that. As long as she has a spot that’s hers, Crouton is happy. And if the kids drop food, she’ll be really happy – this dog is food motivated! She’s been learning to talk and dance for treats, and she’ll be a quick study if you want to teach her signs.

Crouton’s exercise needs are minimal, and she’d be fine in a small space with no yard (although having one’s always nice). Kids old enough to be respectful of a senior sweetie are welcome. Companion dogs or cats are fine but not needed. Crew’s an easy keeper. Netflix and chill!

If you’ve been looking for a well-mannered companion who’ll win everyone’s hearts, contact us today and inquire about Crouton!

Adoption inquires: adoptions@waggingdog.org
SoCal only please

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