Are you ready for a charming diva in your universe? She’s as gorgeous as you’d expect with a name like Harlow, and we can’t wait to find her forever family so she can make her big debut as a cherished family member!

Sweet Harlow is a shy senior feline who is beautiful inside and out. Once you earn her trust, she is a total love, snuggling next to you on the couch and purring on your chest with a gentle rumble you can feel through your whole body. She positively vibrates with peace and calm – massage therapy! As deep as her purr is, she’s not much of a talker. She’ll voice a tiny meow on occasion but mostly she’ll just be looking at you with old soul wisdom (and if you meet her eyes, she might come over to sit with you in an easy, companionable way).

Harlow would love a nice feline friend who’s equally easy-going, and she’ll do her best to win any animal sibling over with her calm, nonconfrontational ways. That said, a cat companion isn’t required and we’re sure she’d be fine flying solo too. She does embrace an active morning routine of post-breakfast romps around the house – but only if she thinks nobody’s watching! Apparently zoomies are undignified for a star, and she’ll stop immediately if she has witnesses.

Our pretty lady in the tortie and white fur coat is around 10 years young, and 12 pounds of lap warmer. She’s light on her feet with no medical issues and is litterbox reliable. Harlow used to have another family and lived with a boxer and a cat, but she was left at the shelter when they could no longer care for her, and she was understandably traumatized by that experience. Because of her shy nature, we’d like to see her in a quiet adult home with low foot traffic, and friendly animal siblings if any. It might take her a couple months to really come out of her shell in her new home, but we promise she’ll be well worth the wait. And she deserves a furbulous, true forever fam this time!

If you have room in your heart and home for this gorgeous belle of the silver screen, contact us today and ask about HARLOW!
Southern California only please

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