We’d like to introduce you to a rather special guy who has a special rags-to-riches story. (Well, the final riches part is up to you! Read on…) Please say hello to our 3 yr old tuxedo purr machine, Phantom!!

This 17+ lb feline used to cruise the hard streets of South El Monte when he was a kid. He may have hooked up with the wrong crowd because he’s FIV+ (which ain’t no big thang but still important to know). He was at least fortunate to roam a hood with a dedicated community cat caregiver who made sure he was fed every day and surviving okay. She cared for him for quite a while until one holiday season, he disappeared.

When Phantom turned up again a few months later, he wasn’t using his front left leg. His devoted caretaker caught him and took him to the vet – to treat his broken leg. (Cats don’t belong outside fyi.) Once his healing process was well underway, she found us through the WDR Barn Cat Program and we agreed to place him as a working cat.

Turns out Phantom had other ideas about his future. For one thing, he’s suuuuper affectionate and loves to be petted. Even better, he loves to squeeze his big ass onto your lap – but it’s up to you to make sure he doesn’t slide off! We looked for a while to find the right barn home but once again, Phantom’s guardian angel stepped in and sent an indoor foster home to us instead. We moved him in at the beginning of February and he solidified our decision that this guy belongs inside for life, with people who looove da big boiiiis!!

Handsome Phantom saw our vets for a checkup, vaccines and a dental. It’s important for FIV+ kittehs to maintain pearly whites, and like most cats, his grill was in dire need of a tune up. Our vets all loved him, of course, and they had to give him a gentle nose boop so he’d stop purring long enough for them to hear his heart LOL. He’s a talker too (Phantom of the Opera?), and also a major food enthusiast. (Shhh, he’s on a diet and almost at his goal weight of 15! Not the most active guy on the planet, it’s easy to pack on those lbs when you’re just sitting around, right?!) He chirps at mealtime in an incongruously high-pitched voice for such a large body and might meow to get your attention. He’s a love enthusiast too!

Phantom’s looking for a chill forever home most likely as an only purr-child. So far he hasn’t really liked the other cats we’ve introduced him to, but his mouth was also causing pain so it’s possible he might feel more sociable now, especially with the ladies. He may be able to live with a savvy canine, particularly someone who’s larger in size and has chill energy. Phantom loves attention so much, he occasionally gets over stimulated with excitement so he’s looking for a child-free environment. Litter box trained and content to enjoy a view, this guy would be perfect for someone who works out of the home these days as long as you bring your lap home for cuddles later. (And don’t forget to make time for (diet) breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, dinner, supper and dessert, okay?)

We can’t always spin a tale of such good fortune for our rescued cats in the Barn Program, but once in a while the stars all line up and POOF! Magic happens. Are you the final spell for our Big Love, ready to cast your own magic his way? Reach out today and ask about Phantom!

Southern California only please

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