Hi, I’m Denali, and I am SO EXCITED to be here! I mean, it sure beats the streets of Bakersfield where lovely people found me wandering. I was pretty sick and overweight with open wounds and a terrible sunburn (I’m pale, folks – the shade is my friend) but even though I wasn’t feeling my best, I was sooo grateful to be taken care of by kind humans. I’m a 5 year old cancer survivor who’s doing great after having several tumors removed. Oh, and I’m deaf but it’s no big. I see everything! I’ve been recovering in a foster home, losing weight thanks to a twice daily thyroid supplement, growing lovely snow white fur, and having regular spa days – such luxury! I’m the perfect petite size at 42 lbs., and honestly I’m a completely different dog now! I’m hoping to find a compassionate adopter, or a forever foster family who will protect me from the sun’s harmful rays and help me to live my healthiest, happiest life. In return, I’ll be the most loving, affectionate doggy ever because once you’ve won my trust, I’m yours.

Okay, yes, I’m a little nervous around new people, a little insecure in new situations, and I might turn into a pancake until I know it’s safe to show my lovebug personality – but I’m always willing to try and to trust. If you’ve got a nice gentleman dog-friend for me, I might love to play with him, but I’m also happy just being with my people. My perfect home is a quieter house with low foot traffic, older respectful children if any, and a private yard with lots of shade. I’ve been learning boundaries, structure and communication with my pawsome foster parents, and I’m crate trained and have good house manners! I’m so ready to find my family. Is that you?

Southern California only please

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