We are all about THE TOOF with Miss Macaroni, our adorable 14lb chi mix with a crooked smile. At 2 years old and in great health, Mac’s got youthful enthusiasm to spare. She’s friendly with cats, dogs, and kids who’ve earned her trust. That’s the key to Macaroni — earning trust is a big deal, and she doesn’t hand it out to just anyone. It starts slowly. She’ll inch up for pets, shying away if you come at her too fast. But once she knows you’re her friend, you’ve got a friend for life.

Macaroni is a well-behaved little noodle: House-broken, crate trained, great on leash, and a perfect pocket-sized travel companion in the car (she lays down quietly, content to join in your adventures). Responsive to vocal correction, she is so motivated to make you happy. She knows two cues – “speak” and “sit” – and she’s delighted to do both, more for praise than for treats (but she’ll gladly take a treat too).

While she loves to be pet, she’s not a lap dog. She’d rather sit next to you than on you, and is happier being independent than being held. She enjoys walks, though we think she’d love a confident dog friend in her fam.

But perhaps her greatest treasure in life is…


Mac doesn’t hurt the shoes – to be clear! No. Shoes are her friends. She’ll happily gather your shoes if they’re out, and take them to her crate to snuggle. Hey, you’ll never have to wonder where your shoes are! Just ask Mac!

We’d like to see sweet Macaroni in a home with patient, loving parents willing to earn her trust, who understand she wants to take her time when meeting new humans. She’s great with respectful kids, would do fine in an apartment or a house, and she’s not sound-sensitive so she’d be equally at ease in a busy home or a quiet one.

If you’d like to bond with Mac over shoes, walks, and other common interests, contact us today!

Southern California only please

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