Aloha from Peaches, our petite lurcher from Hawai’i!

Peachy is the sweetest, most affectionate girl. She wants to please you more than anything, which makes training pretty smooth since she’s smart as a whip(pet)! She came into foster care all the way from the tropical jungles of Big Island, knowing absolutely nothing about being an indoor family pet, but she’s been wowing her foster fam every day with how quickly she catches on.

Two years old and a svelte 22 pounds (growing into a healthier 25), she’s the perfect size for a portable trail running buddy. Walks, hikes, runs, she’ll be right with you — we’ve been working hard on her leash manners, but loving to run is all natural. (Whippets can run up to 35 mph!) True to her sighthound nature, Peaches is very visually oriented and even loves to watch TV. Thankfully she’s responsive and very connected with her handler — she’s also very treat motivated. With that combo, you can teach her just about anything. And if you’re into lure coursing, she might be your next fun partner! So much potential (really, one in a million).

Friendly with humans, dogs, cats, emus, chickens, savvy felines (may playfully chase fraidy cats) and everyone else, Peaches brought her Aloha spirit to the mainland. She’s looking for an experienced adult household with low foot traffic (sighthound experience preferred), with a private securely fenced yard to enjoy (she’s not afraid to squeeze her skinny body through iron gates), and an active lifestyle. Parents who will continue her manners and obedience training are a must. Peaches would absolutely adore a doggy play buddy her size or larger. She’s rough and tumble and hasn’t quite figured out how to match her play style to smaller playmates yet!

If you’re falling for those big brown puppy eyes, you are not alone (we have too!). If you have an active home with a companion playmate for Peaches, contact us today! Bonus points for those with an ambition to teach Peaches a sport!
Southern California only please

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