Scruffy, scrappy, sweet-as-pie and smarts for days – that’s who our little Pigeon is! She has a ton of terrier personality in a 17 lb package and will charm her way into your heart in no time.

Most adorable Pigeon behaviors: She’s an 8-ish yr old lady who acts like a puppy, proudly carrying stuffed toys around the house, playing fetch, and bouncing around in sheer joy with her kids. She LOVES kids! She also takes treats gently and is an A-List snugglebug. She’ll spoon with you on the couch, curl up at your feet while you work, but show you her moves if you throw a toy (fetch is her favorite game, but also tug-o’-war, because terrier!).

Pidge is as bright as a shiny new penny, picking up the rules of the house quickly. She knows “sit” and “drop it”, and she’s food-motivated and would love to learn more tricks. She’s house trained, enjoys her crate, and we think she was in a home that didn’t allow her on the bed so she doesn’t jump up even when invited (you can train her or just enjoy the leg room). She pulls a little on leash so continuing the training started by her fosters is a must for enjoyable jaunts. She’s very responsive to vocal correction too.

Our lil bird is not a huge fan of felines. They’re about her size and can be terrifying, but maybe fun to chase? She’s calm around other dogs and would be fine in a home with other canines, but really she’s more of a people-dog than a dog’s dog (ie. she’d rather hang with you). She’s a perfect balance of affectionate and independent, content to snooze near or far, and come up for a belly rub now and then. No yard required, Pigeon doesn’t spend a lot of time outside – she’ll go out to do her business and come right back in. All she needs is some leadership (she is a terrier!) and enough room to chase her toy and run zoomies. Respectful teenage kids welcome, dogs optional, sans cats. If you think sweet Pidge is the one for you, contact us today!
Southern California only please

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