Beautiful 9-pound Zinnia is as dainty and delightful as the flower she’s named for. She’s one of those rare dogs who doesn’t jump, doesn’t bark, and doesn’t even mind baths (we KNOW!). She’s amazing on leash, loves a nice long walk (but doesn’t need much exercise) and is housebroken. Good manners is one of the perks of a mature dog, and we think Zinnia is around 12 years old. She’s deaf so doesn’t respond to her name, but there’s nothing wrong with her nose — if you’ve got a treat, she’ll be right there! 

Zinnia is at her cutest when she tap-dances in excitement upon your return home, or when you’re ready to take her out for a walk. She’s at her second cutest when she’s sleeping, often with her tongue sticking out. This girl loves her naps, and the more beds the better. She can’t have enough beds. Zinnia wants ALLTHEBEDS. Hey, she’s living her best life. 

We would love to see Zinnia with a quiet family (older, respectful kids if any) who would love a cheerful walking companion but isn’t looking for a clingy Velcro dog (she’s an independent pup). She is dog tolerant but doesn’t require a playmate, and would be fine with a canine companion or flying solo. A private yard would be nice but not required, so if you think sweet Zinnia is your perfect match, contact us today!
Southern California only please

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