Boy, are you in luck!! We have a doberdog in the rescue and his name is Ducky!! That makes you … lucky!

Our sweetest and most handsome Duck is such a fast learner (and grower!). He learned to sit, shake and lay down so quickly – our foster fam was flabbergasted! Our resident black-and-tan is full of lovable (slightly klutzy) puppy enthusiasm. He wants to play with everyone but older or smaller dogs, cats and kids might find him a bit much until you teach him grown-up manners. That’s to be expected though, he was only born in April 2020. Our boy has a lot of growing up to do!

As you might expect from a dog like this, Ducky’s food motivation and super-smarts are a great combination for teaching him to be an ambassadog. We don’t DNA test our rescued dogs and the shelter thought he was a Manchester terrier, but Ducky boy is already much larger than the terriers and we think he’ll be at least 50-70 lbs when full grown. He’s already housebroken, crate trained and has excellent car manners. He’s perfecting his leash skills and will excel with firm leadership to continue being a good boy on walks. We believe Ducky is partially deaf – some tones he doesn’t seem to hear, but he can easily hear passersby on the street outside and also crinkly treat bags lol. Even with his puppy energy, he’s a great balance of affectionate & independent, playful & chill. And he sleeps through the night in his crate (golden!).

We’d love to see Ducky in a single family home with a private secure yard of his own. His parents should be active folks who enjoy getting out and about with their furkid. We know Ducky would love a well-matched (size- and energy-wise) doggy friend, and he enjoys playing with his humans too (tug-o-war and chasing balls are his favoritest pastimes). He’s in foster care with a couple of cats and does well although they’re not as interested in play lol. Daily walks and mental exercise are going to be very important for our growing Duck, along with parents who understand how to ensure that he puts his brains and brawn to good use as he grows.

If you’d love this gorgeous pup in your life, he’d love to be in it! And he’ll delight you with a nubby butt wiggle in greeting. Contact us today if you have room for a large, intelligent head-turner in your family!
Colorado only please

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