Rabbit is a 1yr old, 12 pound sweetie-pie who gets her name from the sprinting leaps she makes when she runs around the yard in sheer JOY! While this little bunny can be shy at first, she’s very affectionate and loves hanging out with her people, kitty friends and dog-siblings, going on car rides, or chilling out in her crate. But her favorite thing is to play play play.

You’ve gotta love a dog that puts all of her toys away herself – which Rabbit does. It’s hilarious. She’ll collect every stuffy, doggy sweater and chew toy and bring them all back to her bed, like her own personal treasure trove.

Rabbit can be a little nervous around new people and in unfamiliar places, but she warms up quickly and adapts. She had to grow up fast and learned to exercise caution as a puppy on the streets of Mexico. Comfortable with routine, she likes to go on short familiar walks and appreciates the company of doggie walking companions. Rabbit is a good listener, somewhat sound sensitive (she’ll alert you to any deliveries or company), and responsive to vocal correction. She’s also super smart and treat-motivated which makes her easy to train with moderate leadership (she’s most at ease when she feels like you are in charge).

We would love to see Rabbit in a home with a yard for zoomies, a playful companion dog, low foot traffic, lots of toys, and adult humans. She’ll win you over with her adorable sense of fun. You can win her over with AllThePets (this girl loves neck scratches and belly rubs!). She really is the sweetest!

If Rabbit looks like the bun-bun you’ve been searching for, contact us today!

Denver, CO area only please

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