If Rocket could hold a sign between his little paws, it would read: “Will sit for bacon!” He might not even need a sign because this 3-year old boy is a talker. He’ll tell you about his day, his opinions, his favorite toys and treats, and he’ll definitely let you know when someone’s dropping off a package!

We love Rocket because he’s one of those extremely intelligent, alert terrier types who’s always thinking, puzzling out the world, and figuring out where he fits in. With his smarts and energy, he’d probably love a fun job to do (agility?) but he’ll be delighted with playtime and walks if that’s not your jam.

Rocket’s favorite thing in the world (other than bacon) is to be with his humans. We don’t think he even needs a yard, because he’ll just be with you, wherever you are. He’s not clingy (you can leave him in a crate for a few hours at a time) but he’s very affectionate if you are “his” human. At just 15 lbs, he’d be right at home in an apartment as long as he gets enough mental and physical exercise each day.

We would love to see our handsome little deer in an adult home with pet parents who live a leadership lifestyle. Folks who understand dog speak (body language) are a must, and he’ll ask for patience and time to warm up to strangers, also lots of ear scratches from his trusted peeps. Rocket is house broken, crate trained, has excellent car manners and… will sit for bacon.

If you’ve got bacon… er, room in your heart for Rocket and think you’re the match he’s looking for, contact us today and ask about our jet-black gent!

Denver, CO area only please

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