Everyone loves Strudel — this 12-year-old, 14 lb pup is a CHARMER! Dogs love Strudel. Cats love Strudel. New people and old people love Strudel! You can tell from his big 3-tooth grin just how happy he is — and that grin is contagious. Soon, you’ll be grinning too!

What we love most about Strudel (and there are so many things we love about Strudel!) is how communicative he is. You know when he’s happy (always), but he also lets you know when he’s done being brushed, needs out, when it’s time to eat, and when it’s time to walk. He’s the kind of guy who looks you right in the eye and (if that doesn’t work) lifts a paw to ask for more of whatever he wants – treats or love. He’s not demanding! He just knows how to express himself.

We’re not sure if he’s a poodle or bichon or WHAT, but he’s so cute with that small-dog energy, it’s easy to forget he’s not a puppy! He just has much better manners than a puppy. That curly hair requires occasional grooming to prevent mats, but the bright side is: He doesn’t shed.

He’s got a little arthritis and gets up and walks to work out the kinks, takes long naps and melts in your lap in the evenings. He’s a dog who was born to be a doting sidekick. He gets so excited when you come through the door that he skips and wiggles, does little zoomies and jumps with joy (even more if you take out his harness and leash – walks are the BEST!).

Strudel would like a quiet adult home. He’s wonderful with dog or cat fur-siblings and people, but can also be an only dog as long as his folks are around. He very much prefers company and doesn’t enjoy being left alone for long — and because of his creaky bones, he’s uncomfortable being confined to a crate for multiple hours. Daily walks are a must (use it or lose it!) and he’s a fun dog to venture out with!

We’re absolutely in love with Strudel doodle and know you’ll fall in love too. Contact us today if he might be the lap warmer you’re looking for.

Denver area only please

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