Everybody loves Winnie, our beautiful 33 lb street waif from Mexico. She’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet – from the moment she was rescued at a gas station, starving sick and grateful. Seriously, this 1.5 yr old puppy is so gentle, yet athletic enough for agility work. You can do anything with her because all she wants is to please YOU!

Our purty gurl is also highly food-motivated and smart as a whip – easy to train and responsive too. We’d love to see this fun-filled canine in an active adult home with joggers, hikers, competitors/enthusiasts, or horse people (she’s totally chill around horses). She’d make an amazing ranch dog, but with plenty of exercise she’d be right at home anywhere as long as she has a private, secure yard of her own to enjoy. When she’s not playing, Winnie will melt your heart with her Grade A snuggling and lap warming skills.

Winnie is sweet with new people, other dogs, and enjoys sniffing a kitty rear-end! She pretty much likes everybody and the feeling is mutual. We definitely want her to have a well-matched doggie playmate because we think she’ll do best learning the ropes from a balanced (and playful!) companion. Plus, she just loves to play!

Thanks to our amazing foster care providers, we now know that sweet Winnie is an empath. She is 1 million percent in tune with the experiences and feelings of those around her. Yes, we know we’re not supposed to anthropomorphize our companion animals, but it’s true that some dogs are actually empathic – a rare few. Because of this extremely special quality, Winnie is looking for emotional support humans who will make sure her lifelong environment is as safe, happy and nurturing as possible.

Winnie loves company and activity so much, and she’s looking for a family where people are home a lot or able to take her along for the adventure. Just remember to pack some toys wherever you go because this pretty pup is all about the play!

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Denver, CO area only please

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