Our 12-lb terrier Scamp is a playful, friendly, talkative guy. He’s not barky – he Talks! – and at 10-years young, he’s got a personality that has won us over. Like a little meerkat, he sits up on his haunches while you make his dinner (so cute!), and he gets the zoomies a couple times a day (gotta love a self-exercising dog!). Fashion-conscious, he enjoys sporting sweaters and warm-ups, and you’ll win big points if you provide a heating pad for those cold Colorado nights (or days!).

He’s such a smart guy, as most terriers are. Scamp’s foster fam says that after just two weeks, he learned to put himself to bed in his crate every night! He knows to sit up for meals, and we think he’d learn new commands quickly (treat motivated). Scamp appears to be deaf, and he responds to hand signals well. He doesn’t let any hearing loss get in his way.

House-broken and crate-trained, Scamp is an easy keeper. He’s friendly around new people, gentle with cats, playful with dogs, and will let you know all of his thoughts on car rides (car crate recommended or he’ll make a jungle gym out of your vehicle – such a curious dude!).

We’d love to see Scamp in a single family home where he’s got human company more often than not. He’s so happy with people. He’d enjoy a fur-friend or two, or even a dog-friendly feline, but that kind of companionship is not required as long as he has his peeps.

Scamp’s such a talker, maybe he’s already speaking to YOU! If so, call us today!

Denver area only please

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