Marmalade is as unique and sweet as her name implies. Our awesome foster momma first saw Marmi cruising a restaurant patio like she owned the place. Little did she know that Marmalade was a mom herself, to 5 beautiful kittens! And what a good momma too.

Our foster mom caught this exotic looking wanderer, took her home, and quickly discovered she wasn’t feral after all. Marmalade LOVES to be pet! So much so that she’ll stick her neck out as far as she can when you come near, inviting touch (without actually moving and getting up).

She’s only 1.5 years old, and the tiniest thing at a slight 6 lbs., but she seems like such an old soul. A grandma sitting on the porch knitting kinda soul. Chill, low energy, curious, not too playful, Marmalade will even let you trim her nails. Although she’s gentle and low maintenance, she’s not really an old lady – she’s perfectly capable of leaping from the ground to the highest part of the cat tree in a single bound. She’s just got a super tranquil vibe.

Marmalade may not be the cat to land in your lap and demand affection, but if you’re giving it, she’ll stay as long as you continue to dish out the loves. Scratch her chin and ears and she’ll be your friend forever.

We love Marmalade – you will too! Contact us today if you have room for a sweet treat in your kitty family.

***UPDATE: 01/06/20 Marmalade has an adoption pending and is now in a Foster-To-Adopt (FTA) period with a potential adopter. During this period the adopter and cat have a chance to try each other out and make sure this is a perfect match. If things don’t work out, the cat will return to the rescue and be able to meet with other adopters. Otherwise, the adopter can finalize the adoption at the end of the FTA period or any time during, at which time our cat listing will be removed. Meanwhile, we are still accepting applications and encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in giving this cat a loving home.
Southern California only please

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