“Rumble, rumble, purr purr … pet me please?”

That’s Midnight, our little black furball of kitten love. And he loves everybody – other cats, dogs, total strangers – no one is ever left out of Midnight’s affections! If you’re looking for a dog in a catsuit, then Midnight volunteers for the job. He plays like a puppy, jumping all over the place, licking you when he’s excited, parkour-playing around the house, and coming back for cuddles. He’s also very food motivated. Open a can of cat food and you’ll never have to wonder where he is – he’s right under you, staring up, possibly making teeny tiny mews for attention.

Such a fun kiddo!

Midnight would love another cat to play with in his Furever Home (or a cat-friendly dog, or playful gentle children). Basically, he’d love a playmate of any kind, and if that’s you, that works too!

All said, Midnight is very capable of entertaining himself with a mouse toy for hours and doesn’t need to be with you all the time. Born around mid-August 2019, he’s playful, affectionate, independent, always hilarious, and litterbox trained. Adopt our sweet boy Midnight and he’ll brighten your day.

Southern California only please

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