Meet our unusual lil spice girl, Saffron! A rare female orange tabby (only 20% of orange tabbies are girls) with beautiful hazel eyes, 6-month-old Saffron is eye-catching and heart-snatching! Her personality is more puppy than kitten – she’ll wake you up with kisses, cuddles and purrs. She loves people and will ask for pets from everyone shortly after being introduced. We’ve even found her cuddling with her foster dog siblings (very dog-friendly!). Once in a while, she’ll get a surge of energy that sends her zooming around the house like a little lightning bolt. But then she’ll settle in a sunny spot for a post-workout nap. Cats are great at work-life balance.

Saffron also loves treats and is so treat motivated that if you wanted to teach her tricks, you probably could. She even understands “no.” We’d love to see her in a home with people willing and able to cuddle with her, and ideally a doggie or kitty sibling for her to play and nap with. She’s litterbox trained, a well mannered house pet, and she has the smallest meow we’ve ever heard.

If you’re looking for the purrrfect kitty companion, Saffron is your girl! Her adoption fee includes spay, vaccinations and microchip – she’s all set and ready to find her home with you! 

Cats like Saffron make the best snuggle buddies, reading companions and workmates. Contact us today if you need a little more spice in your life!

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