Sir Longshanks is one of our former ferals, originally rescued through WDR’s Barn Cat Program, who’s been learning how to be loved by people and enjoy life as an indoor companion – and he’s a quick study. Unlike most feral kitties, Sir L lives up to his noble moniker by being surprisingly confident and brave. He’s 12 lbs of large and in charge – definitely an alpha tabby with a big personality – but he’ll turn into a purring puddle of joy when you scratch him under the chin. He can’t get enough affection and doesn’t mind being picked up (we think he’s making up for lost time!). He really is one cool cat!

That said, he’s not a clingy lap cat. He’ll come for his 15 minutes of lovin’ and then find a cozy spot for a nap (usually where he can keep an eye on you).

Sir Longshanks loves playing with balls, chasing kitty friends, and hanging out with cool cats of the feline and human varieties. He’s not a fan of loud noises though and thinks vacuums are out to eat him. We’d like to see him in a home with older, respectful children if any. We haven’t tested him around dogs yet but have a feeling he’d let them know who’s boss…

Litterbox trained and responsive to vocal correction, Sir Longshanks is a clever puss who knows his name. Most importantly, he knows his friends – when he sees one of his human buddies, he’ll make a beeline to them, rub against their legs, and greet them with meowie-hellos.

Sir L definitely appreciates daily attention, and alone time (he’s a cat, after all), as well as occasional brushing of his luxurious coat. Apartment or single family home will work, cat companion is ideal but not required, and a quiet home with low foot traffic preferred.

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 ***UPDATE: 01/06/20 Sir Longshanks has an adoption pending and is now in a Foster-To-Adopt (FTA) period with a potential adopter. During this period the adopter and cat have a chance to try each other out and make sure this is a perfect match. If things don’t work out, the car will return to the rescue and be able to meet with other adopters. Otherwise, the adopter can finalize the adoption at the end of the FTA period or any time during, at which time our cat listing will be removed. Meanwhile, we are still accepting applications and encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in giving this cat a loving home.

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