Playful she is.

Curious, energetic and full of life too. Yoda is an ‘extreme sports’ kinda gal. She’s like the kid who gets into mischief as a teenager, goes skydiving at 18, and rides a motorcycle cross country as an adult. Put all of that into a petite 7 lb black cat, and you’ll start to get a sense of our fireball named Yoda.

As adventurous and confident as she is, this 2-year-old is also affectionate. She’ll beg for ear rubs and will scold if you hold ’em back, and she’ll hoist her booty as high as it’ll go to let you know that it still needs scratchin’. You can have an entire 2-way conversation with her – she’s very chatty! When you come in the door, she’ll run up to you, chirp a greeting, and rub all over your legs until you reach down to pet her… and then she’ll flop down all dramatic, asking for more pets! 

Once greetings are over, she’ll go off on her own and nap, or play. She’ll bat at, or pounce on anything that moves and some things that don’t, sending toys flying and thundering up and down the hall. She’s hilarious and comes with two speeds – moving or sleeping.

We’d love to see her with an independent kind of cat person who’ll appreciate her hijinks and playful personality while not requiring clinginess or cuddling. She can entertain herself as a solo cat, but we know she LOVES other kitties and would definitely enjoy a sibling or two. She’s great at making friends.

Need a constant source of entertainment in your life? Tired of talking to yourself all the time? Yoda might be the kitty you need! Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our superhero Yoda!

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