Sweet D, you’re such a QT!

Everyone, say hello to our beautiful deaf girl, Denali.

Our special snow-white babe was found wandering Bakersfield in early April in a state of horrible neglect – severely obese with multiple masses and open wounds on her body, a thin unhealthy fur coat, sun fried skin, overgrown nails, depressed and lethargic. Just not feeling good, but still oh so sweet! The shelter realized she had cancer so they reached out to rescues for help. We jumped into action and Denali moved into foster care shortly after. She’s already feeling and looking so much better! She has a way to go though, and she’s keeping her pretty eyes peeled for someone special to join her adventure.

We’ve been busy with vet visits and treatments for Sweet D, beginning with a thyroid supplement twice daily to get her thyroid (and weight) back to normal. She saw our dermatologist and began treatment for a severe skin infection while we worked on losing some pounds in preparation for surgery. Recently Denali had several tumors removed. Her biopsy showed several squamous cell carcinomas in the larger masses, and the surgeon burned off several hemangiosarcomas. These types of cancer are caused by sun damage, and it seems whatever life Denali had before we met her, it must’ve been primarily outside under the harmful sun. These tumors will likely come back someday and she may develop mammary masses in future, which means she would need another procedure to remove them. We’re looking for a very special adopter or a forever foster family to take Denali into their heart and home so she can live her best life. WDR provides everything for the care of forever foster dogs, forever.

Lil D has already slimmed down to a cool 45 lbs from 68 at the shelter! Yay girl!! She’s lost 1/3 of her body weight! She can still lose just a few more so we’re continuing with her weight control diet and plan on healthy raw nutrition later to help fight cancer.

Denali is timid and insecure in new situations but she’s willing to trust and is very affectionate and loving. She tends to pancake and slink to the ground when meeting new people, but she really does want to meet you and receive your love! Her foster family is teaching her that she doesn’t need to be afraid of people anymore while also working on boundaries, structure, and communication without sound to help set her up for a successful future with a compassionate furever family.

We know Denali would be fine flying solo as the only star in your sky. She might also enjoy the company of a well-matched male companion dog, and we’re happy to manage intros to see if the pups hit it off. We’d like her to have a single-family home with a private backyard to enjoy – in the shade with protective sun gear on 🙂 Parents who aren’t gone all day would be ideal, and Denali is crate trained (for when she’s home alone). Older respectful children are welcome, and a quieter home environment with low foot traffic is preferred.

Would you like to share in this sweet soul’s forever future and give her the responsible loving care that she needs? Reach out to us today and let’s chat!

Foster inquires: adoptions@waggingdog.org
San Diego only please

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