Is this guy CUTE or what? We already know the answer based on how many heads he turns when he’s out and about!

Say hello to Domino, an almost 2 year old spaniel blend in an 11 pound package of PUPPY POWER! Energetic, playful, smart as a whip and eager to please, Dom’s a great student (who almost can’t wait for recess!). When his battery winds down, he’s as soft as a bunny and the sweetest lap-warmer you’ll find.

Crate trained and mannerly, Dommie’s great at indoor play and entertaining himself with toys – so he doesn’t need a yard and would be fine in a smaller space or apartment as long as he gets daily walks, mental stimulation and playtime. For all of his youthful energy, Domino is actually a quiet guy. He’s sound sensitive and very responsive to vocal correction but rarely barks himself. Domino is house trained but can get a little leaky when excited. He loooves lap time. Also on his list of likes: similarly sized, confident and patient dog friends who like to play although he’s absolutely fine as a solo act too.

One of our best foster dads has been working with Domino to polish up his manners. He says that while Dom is “absurdly sweet and friendly,” he can also be insecure and fearful (thanks to a series of people in his past who pushed beyond his physical comfort level). He loves to meet new people and make friends but sometimes enthusiasm gets him into trouble if his person isn’t paying attention to his signals.

And, as we said, he’s a great student, fast learner, and very food and praise motivated. We’d love to see his quick mind put to good use so if you’re into teaching tricks or agility, he’s more than willing! He’ll thrive in an adult home with parents who have at least moderate leadership skills and will encourage his calmer nature when engaging with others.

What we love about Domino: He’ll wag his little nub with all of his heart if you so much as look his way. We think he’s a pretty awesome puppy so let us know if you’re that special someone he’s been waiting for!
Southern California only please

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