This adorable little curly top is Dream, and even though he’s had a seriously rough start to life, he has a passion for it and some major fight in his tiny 9 pound bod! You see, the Dreamer has been battling severe liver disease most likely since he was born. By the time animal control saved him from a backyard and brought him to the OC shelter, he was struggling just to stay alive.

Also known as Dreamboat, McDreamy, Dreamsicle – our sweet and funny pup joined our rescue fam in January after the shelter’s pleas for help went unanswered. Only 8 months old, his situation was far beyond the ability of a shelter to provide for. We committed to saving this tiny boy’s life when no one else would say yes, and we named him Dream in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the many lessons in compassion that he shared with the world. Our baby Dreamer left the shelter and went immediately to an emergency vet in San Diego where he was hospitalized for 2 days receiving lifesaving critical care.

Since that day, Dream has undergone 2 major surgeries – first to repair a large shunt that was causing his liver to leak toxins into his growing body; and a second procedure to remove multiple kidney and bladder stones (likely caused by the shunt) as well as several retained deciduous teeth and a couple o’ nuts that he really didn’t need. Dream came through it all with a smile on his silly face and a cheerful outlook upon each new day. Unfortunately, Dream has developed another shunt since his first surgery, which means he needs a 3rd and final surgery to attempt to repair his faulty liver once and for all.

Dream loves other dogs, likes kitties, is good with respectful older kids, and loves all the loves! He’s the perfect porta-pup size and great at keeping laps warm. He’s crate trained, potty trained, and gives the sweetest kisses.

You can make a tax deductible donation toward Dream’s medical bills and ongoing care via Paypal, GoFundMe, or US Mail.
Wagging Dog Rescue, PO Box 130925, Carlsbad, CA 92013

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