Adopted – Jumpin Jack aka JJ

Picture of adoptable rescue dog JJ

***Update: JJ found his forever home and was adopted in August, 2018.

Handsome single sharp dressed gent with an adventurous heart seeking like-minded
forever humans to spend his days with!

That’s our boy, Jumpin Jack! His friends call him JJ for short. There’s nothing he loves more than exploring, and he’s an expert escort for his foster mom when they visit Balboa Park. 🙂 He doesn’t bark at a single dog or person, and he can’t wait to meet new friends! You’ll know he’s found someone special because when he gets really excited, his whole butt wiggles BOL. Even though he likes to get out and about, Jack seems to prefer a relaxed home environment that provides frequent outlets for his energy. Active people who love going places and spending time with a joyful 17 lb companion would be ideal.

Attentive and extremely smart, JJ learns quickly and has his basic commands down pat. He attended a doggie training class with his dedicated foster mom and was the star of the show! We were so proud! We’re sure he’d thrive with folks who like to spend time
burning mental calories with their pets too, as JJ enjoys training and brain workouts with his foster mom. Jumpin Jack is also a good communicator, he’s housebroken, crate trained and will sleep in there all night. We think he’s about 6 years old, and he’s looking for an adult home with chill humans to match his chill adult dog personality. Jack’s a great little traveler too and fun to take along on errands and trips.

We’re hoping to find Jack a home with a small yard and parents willing to provide leadership and boundaries to ensure our little ambassadog continues to knock everyone’s socks off!

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