Adopted – Moose

Picture of adoptable rescue dog Moose

***Update: Moose found his forever home and was adopted in October, 2018.

Moose McGillycuddy might seem like a big name for a pint-sized pup but his capacity for love is so HUGE, we couldn’t fit him into a smaller moniker! (And ya, if you’re our age and from LA you’ll recognize it too.) He’s so ready to find someone to love him as much as he loves everyone. Pick him up and he’ll completely melt into your arms, as if he’s been waiting his whole life for those few moments of snuggling. (And he has!)

Moose is mannerly, sweet, affectionate, and so easy to care for. At 6 years young and a petite 10 pounds, he’s made to be your constant companion. That doesn’t mean he needs to be with you all the time though. He’s quite pleased to chill in his crate or on a dog bed somewhere.

We love Moose’s leash manners and how responsive he is to praise and correction. He’s a sensitive boy though, so loud noises, small children, and rambunctious dog-friends who might trample him are no-goes. He’s more of a mellow, happy-go-lucky lil surfer dude who’s great at going with the flow of things. Moose is happier to sit with you, in his crate near you, or on you than chase a ball. He enjoys short walks but really, he’s a couch potato hoping to find like-minded spud-buddies.

Mr. McG enjoys having calm dog and people friends once he’s been properly introduced. He can be adorably shy at first. Because he’s a bit timid, he’d rather not go outside by himself but if you promise to protect him from hawks, wildlife and angry gophers, he’s perfectly willing to be housebroken. This little guy doesn’t know any tricks yet and somehow that’s totally okay with us because he’s so dang sweet and cute. He loves treats tho and teaching him a few basics will be such a great way to bond!

We’re hoping to find Moose a home that’s quiet, with older children if any, with or without dog siblings (quieter dogs that won’t steamroll him and/or dogs his size). No yard required – he doesn’t take much exercise so perfect for a smaller space with the right family to cherish him forever.

If Moose sounds just like the cuddle-buddy you’ve been waiting for, reach out today before our licorice gem gets snatched up!

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