Mr. Bigglesworth is the sweetest, most loving dog in the world and it doesn’t take much to make him happy. He has a big name for a small (9 lb) guy!

A scruffy border-terrier type with paws down the COOLEST white hawk you’ve ever seen, Biggie is 12 years young and perfectly willing to pal around wherever you take him. He’s very portable, very social, and very willing to cuddle! New people are new friends, every single one. He’s also chill around other nice dogs and thinks playing with cats is really fun. He just wants friends!!

Biggie has excellent car and leash manners, is very responsive to vocal correction, and is highly treat motivated. Yep, he’s a fan of food. Cat food – yum. He knows where the dog food closet is, and he’d live in there if he could. He’s easy to work with and learns boundaries quickly. He may decide there are different boundaries at your house – so you’ll have to let him know your rules and then he’ll be really good about following them! 

Mornings are Biggie’s favorite time of day. He’s got puppy energy early on and loves a nice, moderate morning walk. Then it’s naps until dinner and lights out at 9 lol. Mr. B luvs dem belly rubs and he almost expects them now for his nighttime ritual 🙂 He’ll roll over, take the belly, and his right foot goes crazy! He’d be an ideal pup to bring to work – the perfect blend of affectionate lapdog, who’s also independent and just happy to be hangin’ out. It’s also okay to leave him home alone – he’s crate trained, and Just. So. Chill.

Mr. B takes a heart pill twice a day to keep his ticker going strong. He had a recent dental and is a whole new man now, with his bags packed and ready to move right on into your heart and home. A yard and mellow companion pooch or kitty would be nice but not necessary. Biggie’s easy to please and oh so appreciative of everything he gets.

If you have a quiet home with older respectful children, if any, and would like to learn more about this senior snuggle-bug, send us a message today!

Adoption inquires:
Southern California only please

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