***Due to an overwhelming number of applications already received, we are no longer accepting new applications for Mr. Blue Sky***

“Hey there Mr. Blue
We’re so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Everybody smiles at you”

Electric Light Orchestra was right about this guy – say hello to Mr. Blue Sky!!

Our boy Blue is a wonderful companion who doesn’t have an ornery bone in his furry body. Everyone loves him! And he loves everyone right back. He’s super smart and easily fits into your lifestyle, and he’s wonderful around kiddos and adults alike.

Mr. Blue loves to play all the fun games – fetch, tug-of-war, rolling around on the ground, just to name a few!  And you should see his stubby tail wag when you pick up his leash for a walk! He doesn’t pull and is working on his manners when he sees other dogs out and about. Silly, since he really does like everyone he meets, dogs and cats included. Blue has great energy for longer or shorter walks and can even keep up if you’d like to go jogging. (Just watch his furry mop on hot days as we’re sure it holds the heat in.)

At home, Blue is a well-mannered house pet who’s crate and potty trained too. If you’d like a pup who stays close by your side but doesn’t need to be constantly touched and held, he’s your guy! Our sweet boy is also great for baths – he sits patiently while you make him purty and clean. He’s a little food obsessed but will be respectful when asked, and he’ll find a place nearby to lay down. Blue will excel with parents who understand leadership. A big fan of food with brains to boot, it’ll be easy to mold him into the ambassadog you want him to be, and his foster family has given him a great start.

Mr. Blue Sky would prefer a private yard of his own, but he’d also be fine in a smaller space as long as he gets daily exercise and walks. What’s more important is that he’s not left home alone all day; he prefers to spend time in the company of his family. Our 17 lb 5-year-old is great hangin’ around with dog savvy felines but his inner puppy comes out around fraidy cats and he wants to play and chase. While he doesn’t require a companion dog in his forever home, we know he wouldn’t mind a buddy too. He’s fine with other dogs of all sizes – it’s really more about personality than looks 😉

If you’ve been searching for an easygoing furiend to spend this cold winter with, reach out and ask us about Mr. Blue Sky today!

Adoption inquires: adoptions@waggingdog.org
SoCal only please

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