Who’s that girrrl with the underbite and curly tail? She’s our special needs Panda pup, a 3-year-old 15 lb spaniel type dog who’s the perfect size, perfect age, and perfect personality to be a loyal, loving friend!

Panda had a rough start to life, but that all changed the day animal control removed her from a chain in a backyard. She’d been badly neglected and was held as evidence for an investigation that lasted a couple months. Thankfully the shelter released her as soon as they could, and we were able to place Panda in one of our most awesome foster homes where she’s been recovering her health and blossoming as a cherished indoor family member.

We think Pandita would make an ideal companion for people who’d rather be home with the dog. She’s such an easy keeper – housebroken, crate trained, sensitive to vocal correction, and so very sweet. She just wants to curl up next to you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Though she loves being near, Panda’s not clingy – this girl can entertain herself. She has the best time playing with other small puppers and is delighted to get her paws on a ball! You wouldn’t think a mostly blind shrimp could run around with a full-sized soccer ball in her mouth, but she does and thinks it’s the best thing EVER!!!

Panda walks like a drunken sailor, a neurological condition that doesn’t slow her down at all. Even though she’s vision-impaired (we think she can see shadows), she gets around just fine. Sure, Pan’s a little klutzy and adorably wobbly but we’ve seen her get stronger every day. She enjoys play with her foster sister and taking short walks with mom.

When she’s out and about, Panda prefers slow introductions to new dogs and people (she’ll warn strangers who try to touch too quickly). At home, she’s practically perfect. On the street, she needs strong leadership to manage her fear of strangers. If you ignore her for two minutes, she comes around and once she trusts you, she’s an enthusiastic snuggle buddy. Her fur is so soft, it’s like fleece, and she loves being pet.

We’d like to see this sweet girl in a quiet home environment with no children and low foot traffic. A similarly-sized pup-sibling would be great but not required, but she’d really like her own small backyard. She doesn’t need much exercise and is excellent in her crate. She most appreciates being unobtrusively by your side.

If you’d like to meet Panda in person, reach out today!

Southern California only please

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