This adorable mug with the bit o’ 5 o’clock shadow belongs to Parker, debonair dog of Denver! His foster mom reports that he’s pretty much AWESOME so if you’re in our new service area of Denver, CO and have room for a perfect pooch in your life, here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for.

Parker is unlike any chi-mix you’ll ever meet – he’s social, quiet (not a barker), housebroken and so tuned in to what you want. You’ll be having a conversation with someone, and his head will turn to listen to the speaker like he’s watching a tennis tournament. You get the feeling that he understands every word… and has an opinion on every word too!

Perfect Parker is a young dog, minus the go!go!go! puppy energy (thank goodness). At 3 years old, he loves to play a couple times a day and go for walks but feels that a good play/naptime balance is important. Smart guy! An ideal work buddy, he’ll happily curl up in your lap while you sit at your computer. He’s very portable at 12 pounds, with great car manners too. We’d love to see him with a human who wants a constant furry companion. Sweet Parker spent his first three years sitting by the feet of his elderly owner and would love a new forever friend.

We’d like to see Parker pooh in a relatively quiet home with children high school age if any. He’s fine with other dogs and respectful of cats. He’d love his own private yard but as long as you’re willing to take him out for walks and throw a ball around the house, he’d also be fine in an apartment. You see? Perfect. Parker.

They key to his heart: Head and back scratches.

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COLORADO – Denver area only please

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