Kumusta! That’s how we say “Hello” where I’m from – Manila in the Philippines! Yes, I’m an 18 lb., 5 year old Aspin which is really just a fancy way of saying I’m a little bit of everything. Multicultural, ya know? I didn’t have it so great back there but I’ve been learning how to be a cherished house pet and family member in my foster home. This is a SWEET GIG, let me tell you! I’m trying extra hard to keep it. Call my name and I’m right there, at light speed, practically standing on your foot. Tell me “no” and I’ll stop on a dime. I’m a happy, playful pup, prone to zoomies around the house, but where I really shine is out on the trail. I love being in the great outdoors (there’s nothing like that sense of freedom!). My perfect family would be hikers, walkers, joggers or campers. Let’s explore this wide world together. I may have been caged up as a puppy but there’s nothing but blue skies above me now!

I grew up with a lot of dogs (way too many, tbh), so I enjoy a good play session but only if I can be the boss. I need to be the top dog to feel secure, and proper introductions are a must. Security is kinda a big thing for me. It wasn’t all rainbows and bananas back in Manila – and when I’m in my home (not outside, on the trail), it reminds me of the cages of my puppyhood, and new people and new situations can make me want to bark and cower. I prefer meeting people a few times and at my own pace before I can give them my trust. Sometimes it’s like 50 First Dates BOL but I promise I’m as worth it as Drew Barrymore!

Personality-wise, I’m an introvert. I love being with my people but I also need down time and will excuse myself for a few solo moments in my open crate. I’d love a quiet home with an introverted human, no kids, with lots of walks and hikes. My vet says I’d be a natural at agility, or even herding! Me! How fun would that be?! If you need an outdoorsy buddy, we should meet up!

Adoption inquires: adoptions@waggingdog.org
Southern California only please

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