This dashing dude is Sir MacAdam of Skye! Big name for a small(ish) dog, but he has a big personality to match so it’s all good 🙂 
Sir Mac hails from the OC shelter where he was having a hard time not being a grump in his stressful kennel. He was being passed up by potential adopters, but all he needed was to get outta there so he could wow us all with his amazing self! Sir M is really a well behaved house guest who is crate trained, house broken and mannerly. It’s hard to even remember the grouch from the shelter because we haven’t seen that guy since the day we first met!
This scruffy fellow is probably only about 3 years old and hovering around 20 pounds. That white ‘stache on his face is not colored by age – it’s just a part of his crisp tuxedo coat! Those piercing brown eyes don’t miss much, and Sir M stays alert on walks so he knows what’s going on. He gets along well with other similarly sized dogs and could probably do well in a home with high school kids if any. Because he’s a distinguished gent, he prefers a quieter home environment with low foot traffic. Sir M of Skye is really an easy keeper, reach out to us today if you are interested in learning more about this handsome knight of the realm!

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SoCal only please

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