This little cutie is Peanut! She’s such a cool little piggy who can’t wait to join her forever family!

Peanut came to us from the Jurupa Valley shelter, one of 8 pigs who found themselves in dire straits one day. We don’t know anything about her past but her future is definitely bright. The Nut enjoys the company of other nice pigs and is currently roomies with a big granny potbelly. They live in a secure outdoor area where Peanut likes to root, root, and root some more. On hot days a good mud puddle makes her happy, and it’s hilarious to watch her cool down and have fun. A sucker for belly rubs, all you have to do is lightly touch her velvet underbelly and FLOP! Down she goes (no matter what’s underneath!).

Little Miss Peanut has a super chill energy. She’s a content little girl who emits joyful grunts all day long. She’s a big fan of food and came to us a bit on the chunky side, so her future family will need to take care that she’s not overfed to the point that her roly-poly face can’t see out anymore. She does have sweet brown eyes amidst those rolls, and she’s learned to let her foster mom touch her all over and even check her grill, so we can make sure she doesn’t have any dirt stuck in her folds. Foster mom’s been handling her feet too so she’ll be ready for a farrier when she needs a hoof trim. Peanut’s a petite girl compared to her foster piglings, around 50 pounds or so but not done growing yet!

Peanut butt would love to have other nice piggos in her forever home. Her yard space needs to be secure at ground level, where short stack Peanut’s umwelt resides. (Google it!) She wants her future parents to know that she looooves her pig grains but thinks Brussels sprouts are super gross, and while she’ll eventually eat other fresh veggies and fruit if there’s nothing left to scrounge on, it’s really all about the grains. (Who knew pigs were so picky!?)

Peanut’s mellow vibe and curious personality will quickly snare your heart. Reach out to us today if you’d like to meet our special Lil Nut!! She’s going to complete a very lucky family someday soon.

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Southern California only please

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