Wagging Dog Rescue is proud to represent the San Diego Rescue Coalition as we host the north county event for the SDRC’s upcoming FREE MICROCHIP CLINIC on Saturday June 23rd from 11-3pm

* Is your pet microchipped? *
With the 4th of July coming up, animal control organizations across the country are preparing for increased numbers of lost pets who will be picked up surrounding this one particular holiday. It’s hoped that those lost family members will be reunited with their families.
A microchip is an invaluable tool to help owners reunite with their lost pets as quickly as possible.

The SDRC is hosting a FREE MICROCHIP CLINIC – first come first served; no appointment necessary; while supplies last. There are 4 locations to serve you, and Wagging Dog Rescue will hold down the fort for North County. Wooot! Find all the locations and additional details.

Please bring your pet to our clinic for a free microchip if they are not chipped already. We of course hope no one’s furry family member will get out and get lost this holiday, but accidents happen and chips really do work! There are cases of microchips reuniting pets and owners even years after being separated!

Spread the word and please share the event flyer with anyone you know, any businesses that will allow it to be posted in their window or lobby, any networking groups you’re a part of, etc. We have 100 chips for each clinic location and we want to make sure they all get used for your family members! Thank you!

* Chula Vista Animal Care Facility – will be offering free microchips to pets in need during their shelter event on July 1.