Meet Midnight, a delightful 4-year-old neutered male domestic shorthair weighing in at an athletic 13 pounds. Midnight is the life of any party! Whether it’s with cats, dogs, or humans — he’s super social, playful, friendly, loving, and a total extrovert (he never misses a chance to charm new people!). We’re not sure if he’s extremely dog-tolerant, or thinks he *is* a dog, but either way, canine companions are more than welcome too!

We would love to see Midnight in a home where he can be his person’s shadow — he wants to be wherever you are, and would also love a playful pet companion, but he’s also fine playing on his own with his toys. This social kitty would do well in a house or apartment with older kids who understand boundaries and cues — his play style is all in good fun and never too rough, but might surprise a young child.

Not much of a talker, but he is an excellent communicator, especially when it’s treat time, playtime, or dinner time! His favorite toy is a wand with feathers on the end, and he is VERY good at catching it.

Midnight is very treat-motivated, and with his canine-like qualities, we wonder if he could be trained to do tricks! Hey, worth a try, and he’d love an excuse to get more treats!

This guy is a total character, a cat who’ll be your companion, partner-in-crime, and best friend. If you’d like to see this sweet face greeting you with enthusiasm when you walk in the door at home — contact us today!
Southern California only please

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