The DiscoverMe Project™

We are excited to announce that the DiscoverMe Project™ is expanding to Orange County Animal Care!

The DiscoverMe Project™ is a program that allows sheltered dogs and cats, from the County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services Carlsbad and Bonita Shelters and Orange County Animal Care in Tustin, to go into temporary 2-week foster care with an approved Wagging Dog Rescue foster home. The temporary reprieve gives the animals a break from the stresses of being kenneled; provides mental, emotional, and physical relief; and also gives the dogs and cats a bit of a ‘reboot’ and enables them to better handle the stressful environment upon return. It’s like our weekend to our work week!

Check out this great article from Maddie’s Fund about a pilot study conducted in 2016 on this very subject!

Here is another great article from Science Daily about the benefits of short-term fostering.

This story is a testament to the benefits of short-term fostering!

Thank You to Maddie’s Fund for supporting the DiscoverMe Project™ with an Innovation Grant! #ThanksToMaddie

Our ideal DiscoverMe Dog or Cat™ is one who:

  • is being passed up, sitting unnoticed at the shelter for weeks or even months
  • may not show well in his/her kennel (withdrawn, timid, barking/hissing, jumping, etc.) due to fear, personality, stress, etc. but who behaves differently when outside of the kennel and shelter environment
  • is beginning to show signs of kennel stress/deterioration
  • may have been adopted and returned, possibly more than once
  • is not in immediate risk of humane euthanasia

While in foster care, we’re able to learn more about the dog or cat when in a normal home environment, which doesn’t always align with behavior seen in a stressful kennel environment. We’re able to share that valuable information – as well as foster provided photos and videos – with shelter staff and potential adopters in order to aid shelter marketing and adopter selection. As a secondary goal to the DiscoverMe Project™, through rigorous marketing and promotion we ultimately hope not to return the DiscoverMe Dog or Cat™ to the shelter but instead to see that animal safely in the care of a forever family or reputable rescue with a foster care provider.

If you’re an experienced dog and/or cat person and are interested in temporarily fostering a DiscoverMe Dog or Cat™, email us today!

Can’t foster? You can still support this wonderful program with a tax-deductible donation.

Animals currently in the DiscoverMe Project™ ~

To inquire about a DiscoverMe Dog™ or DiscoverMe Cat™, please contact Wagging Dog Rescue directly.


Sweet Alice has joined us for a break from the Carlsbad shelter. This poor girl lost her entire family when she and another cat, and a dog arrived together. The owner claimed the dog but left the cats and Alice struggled to find herself in these new uncertain circumstances.
Learn More About Alice!
We think it’s safe to say that Alice’s temp DMP foster mom is smitten with this kitten. 10 yr old Alice has been hiding under the bed, often with kitty company, but will come out with coaxing for loves, pets and gentle brushings. This 12 lb gal might have RBF but does enjoy snuggles, and we know she’ll make a wonderful addition to a cat loving, adult family with a quiet environment if given a second chance. Contact us today and ask about ALICE!

Thank you, Brooke, for fostering!


This is Pearl from OC and we love her. You will too! She’s a people dog and an all around good girl who’s 10 yrs young and 17 lbs. She arrived at the shelter with a dirty matted coat so she got a buzz before joining our temp DMP foster home.

Learn More About Pearl!
She has some typical age related health needs – her grill could use a touch up, and she has some old lady bumps that a new owner might remove. Nothing a loving adopter and some TLC can’t take care of! This sweet senior wants to be with her people all the time. She’s a quiet and mannerly companion who’s house broken and crate trained too. She’s been sampling every dog bed in her foster home, so cute. Pearl enjoys car rides and going places but is also content to hang with her family and watch tv. She’d be a good dog for any size space, small or large, and also a match for anyone less active as she doesn’t require a lot of walking. Pearl is looking for a quiet home with older respectful children if any. She’s fine with cats and we think she’d be fine with a friendly, smallish companion dog too. She’s really an easy, perfect little dog. Let us know if you want to add this happy, affectionate lady to your family.
Thank you, Sandi, for fostering!


Who says purebreds don’t turn up in shelters?! Up to 30% of dogs in a shelter are ‘purebred’ animals! This 26 lb cutie is Violet from OC and she arrived with a number of wounds to her face and body needing immediate vet attention.

Learn More About Violet!
She’s been doing so well in her temp DMP foster home, and her foster mom has rave reviews for this petite princess! Vivacious Violet is an energetic girl who enjoys exploring and play. She’s a retriever at heart and will bring a ball back for a throw as long as you can keep up. She’s super sweet, well behaved, house broken and crate trained too. Food motivated and smart, she’s a joy to train. Like many peis, she can be wary of new people, men and things in her environment but she learns quickly what and who is benign. She may need to be an only dog or could possibly live with a well matched male companion. Violet is looking for a active adult home with low foot traffic and a private yard of her own to enjoy. She has entropion on both eyes (lids) which needs to be corrected surgically. Sweet V needs an adopter who will provide this necessary surgery immediately because she’s suffering in her present state. Contact us today if you’re the family this pup is looking for!
Thank you, Jen, for fostering!

Chipmunk – AVAILABLE!

Who loves a long haired orange creamsicle kinda guy?! Say hi to 3 yr old Chipmunk from Carlsbad! This big boi arrived at the shelter in a feral trap but was rubbing on his kennel by day 3 for pets. Chipmunk is the sweetest boy and definitely a lap cat.

Learn More About Chipmunk!
Like some of his fellow DiscoverMe Project™ teammates, Chip would grab at an arm or leg in excitement and over stimulation. He’s been doing so well in his temp DMP foster home where he’s learning how to be a well mannered house cat! Mr. Munk has been friendly and affectionate, more so each day, enjoying companionship and the niceties of a home. After building trust, his foster mom was able to brush out his tangled fur and we think he feels much better! Chipmunk is the sweetest boy and definitely a lap cat. He wants to be laying on his person and getting head scratches. He also enjoys sitting in the window, catching the fresh breeze and listening to birds outside. He’s looking for a quiet adult home in a peaceful neighborhood. Experienced cat parents a plus, who will continue the lessons his foster mom has begun. If you have room in your heart and home for 13+ lbs of luscious fur and fun, reach out today and inquire about Chipmunk! He deserves a safe, responsible and loving home as a cherished indoor family member!
Thank you, Amanda, for fostering again!


This ravishing red beauty is Mariah from OC! She’s a 5 yr old 66 lb gal who’s enjoying a break in our temp DMP foster home. Her foster fam says she’s the sweetest and most well behaved dog you’ll ever meet. High praise!

Learn More About Mariah!
She enjoys being around her people, cuddling and getting pets, or snuggling up with one of her toys. She’s just a cuddly snuggly pibbly pooh, a trait we love so much in America’s dog. Mo is very social and loves to meet new people while being very respectful of their space. She’s well trained and knows all basic commands. This sweet lady is the kind of dog that won’t even try to jump on your squishy couch or your warm bed without being invited (not even when you aren’t looking). Mariah is a mellow and gentile pup who is content to have her belly rubbed all the day long. If you have room in your heart and home for a quiet, constant companion, reach out today!
Thank you, Leduc Family, for fostering!


We’d like to introduce you to a little old fella named BANNER from the OC Shelter! This guy may be a senior but man, does he have a lot of energy lol. He’s been on the go since arriving in foster care a week ago and we’re happy to report that he’s doing GREAT!

Learn More About Banner!

Little 10 lb Banner is guessed to be 12 yrs old. He’s got more energy for walks than someone a quarter his age so if you’re looking for a sweet senior who’ll give the Energizer bunny a run for his munny, this lil dude’s yer dude! He loves multiple daily walks so much and is always reluctant to return to the house. He has your typical old man stuff – arthritis, cataracts, hearing loss and a yucky grill – but he still manages to sprint up the stairs ahead of his foster mom. Quite agile for an old fella!It’s hard to surmise much about his past and we don’t like to do that anyway, but Banner seems not to know many indoor family pet skills so his foster mom’s been teaching him how to land a wonderful forever home – and keep it! They’ve been working on crate and potty training, leash manners, even baths. We’re happy to report that lil B’s been doing great with his home schooling during lockdown. This adorable fuzzbutt is very playful, affectionate and he also loves belly rubs. Such a charmer!

Did we mention this guy is a ball of energy? Seriously. Banner Bunny. He’s actually really hard to photograph because he’s always in motion lol. Part of his energetic routine may be simple decompression – we caught him napping in his crate all on his own the other day and he definitely seems to be settling down a little now that we’re in the 2nd week of foster home life. But he still has a lot of get up and go so hopefully he’ll find people who enjoy a few short jaunts a day followed by peaceful naps afterwards. We think Banner will appreciate having a small private yard of his own, some place where he can wander around, chill out, enjoy our awesome SoCal weather. A companion dog may be fine but definitely not needed. This senior pup deserves a quiet adult environment with people who will provide lots of love and care for this golden boy.

If you’ve been looking for a sweet senior floof of your own, reach out today and inquire about BANNER. He deserves a wonderful family of his own and we hope we can help him find those special people. Please spread the word for Banner boy!

** Due to the unusual circumstances brought to us by COVID-19, we don’t know when BANNER will return to the OC shelter but the current plan is around *MAY 10* unless an adopter or long term foster is found. BANNER is available for an adoption fee of $150 and is fixed, microchipped, vaccinated and hoping you have a lap available for snuggles. Wagging Dog Rescue will offer a medical stipend to anyone who publicly adopts this special senior. **

For inquiries to adopt or foster BANNER –
*This dog is not at the shelter. He is with us in foster care so please inquire with WDR.


Chance – Foster Needed!

We are so in love with this long legged lil guy and we really want to find a long term foster so we can rescue him. His name is Chance and he’s from OC, and he just arrived in our temp DMP foster home amidst a ton of compliments! 

Learn More About Chance!
 His temp foster mom says he’s a very nice boy, fast and dainty when he’s being playful but easygoing in the down times. He’s been chillin by her feet while she works from home – inside, outside, he just enjoys hangin’ out. He gets along furbulously with the friendly female dog in his foster home and we know he’d enjoy a fur sis or bro in his forever home. He’s light on his feet, stealthy like a ninja. His foster mom keeps checking on him only to find that he’s right behind her like a little dancer in her shadow. Chance has a bad heart with a high grade murmur and at 4 years old, we want to know what’s causing it. We’d like to find someone to foster this special boy long term while we get to the bottom of his heart condition and hopefully get him fixed once cleared by our cardiologist. If you’re not ready to adopt a special needs pup but can care for him while we do what we can, please reach out today.
Thank you, Stacy, for fostering!

DiscoverMe Project™ SUCCESSES!

DiscoverMe Project™ Stats to date (since ‘inception’ ~June 30, 2017)

Total animals taken into the DiscoverMe Project™ = 32

Animals adopted (directly from shelter) during DiscoverMe™ 2-3 week foster = 33

Animals rescued (long term foster found via WDR) during DiscoverMe™ period = 13

Animals returned to the shelter at the conclusion of DiscoverMe™ period = 4  (all adopted)

Non-DiscoverMe™ animals adopted (directly from the shelter) from DiscoverMe™ marketing = 2

Joplin – New Wagging Dog!

Learn More About Maya!
Gah! We can’t handle the cuteness!! This lil chonk is Joplin, formerly MAYA, a 3 yr old bully type dog who’s a solid 67 lbs. She came into the Bonita shelter as an owned stray but her owner didn’t claim her. You know how the saying goes. One man’s loss is another man’s gain. This gal is a CATCH and you’re sure to gain if you adopt this sweet lil muffin! Lucky Joplin wasn’t at the shelter long before we were able to give her a break in the DiscoverMe Project. She did well while there, very social and wiggly with a strong desire to interact with people. All those qualities we love in our pibbles! Our blue and white butterball is a sweetheart who’s already charmed her foster parents. She’s been great on walks, does well in the car, and arrived in foster care pretty unruffled. She already knows Sit and Shake, and she’s working on Down. She’s house trained and will whine to let you know she needs to go outside. Good girl, JoJo! Her foster parents knew that they wanted to help Maya find her most perfect forever home, so they offered to foster her long term, and now JoJo Joplin is an official Wagging Dog!
Thank you, Lindsey, for fostering!

Diego – Adopted!

Learn More About Diego!
OMG we just love black cats! Especially big loverboys like Diego! This handsome 10 yr old in the onyx suit arrived at a San Diego shelter with another cat when his owner was hospitalized 8 months ago. Confused and frightened, Diego adapted over the next 2 months. Since joining our temp DMP foster home 1 week ago, he’s been nothing but a luvmuffin. A little shy at first, that’s so over now. He progresses each day as he figures out that he’s safe, and loved. He soaks up attention and purrs up a storm, a sweet purry voice which he uses to charm his foster mom for cuddles. He likes being held and petted but isn’t needy, and he’s content to gaze adoringly at his person from a window perch too. A modern Romeo, this noble prince will adore any human who gives him a safe place and a loving family. Could that be you? Diego rings in at 11+ lbs, a gentleman in the house with no bad habits. He likes to play with toys, and did we mention he’s a purr machine? He’s looking for a quiet adult home environment, probably without dogs but another well matched cat or two is fine, even great. We think what’s most important to our dapper fella is YOU and only YOU. Nothing else matters. Let us know if you’d like to add a royal feline to your forever fam.
Thank you, Lynlee, for fostering!

Beck – Adopted!

Learn More About Beck!
This Buddha belly with the short stubby legs is BECK, and after struggling to find a forever home at the shelter for 6 months, he’s been doing GREAT in his temp DMP foster home! Beck arrived in foster care purring up a storm. His foster mom reports that he’s a lover boy who can’t get enough of his people. He’s a lap cat extraordinaire who falls asleep on his foster mom several times a day. He loves having his ears, chin and belly stroked as he’s drifting off. (Gee, who wouldn’t! lol) Beck is working on his summer bod. At just under 13 lbs, this 3 yr old is pleasingly plump and could probably lose 1 or 2. Our round Romeo is looking for a cat savvy adult family who will want him to be their one and only. He’s not a big fan of other felines, and he’s not a dog person either. Beck has so much love to bestow. He knows the only one you’ll need is BECK. He doesn’t ask for much, just dedicated cuddle time each day mixed with play, belly rubs and naps. How perfect is this affectionate fuzzbutt anyway?! If you’re looking for an adorable, devoted companion cat who’s as much about you as you are about him, look no further. Beck has his bags packed and ready to go any time you’re ready to welcome him HOME. Contact us today!
Thank you, Ellen, for fostering!

Izzy – Adopted!

Learn More About Izzy!
Exotic Izzy has been at the SD shelter since July 2019 but people keep passing her by. She’s been a dream in her temp DMP foster home for the last couple weeks, a wonderful companion. Izzy is a mellow coworker for her foster dad while he’s home working. She’s a mature 5 yr old diva, pleasingly plump at 12+ lbs, with a luscious beautifully marked coat. She’s on a special diet for sensitive skin due to issues most likely caused by toxic flea bites and neglect. Iz doesn’t demand attention but enjoys play when you’re feeling frisky. Her faves are string and wand toys and she loves to race around her room, then nap. She likes to watch life through her window and isn’t phased by much, but her diva status requires that she be the only feline star of the show. She does great with her calm senior terrier foster sis and is so chill herself too. She’s looking for a quiet adult home with parents who enjoy kitty love and companionship. Her foster mom says she just seems very normal and content, probably the least quirky cat they’ve ever known. Aww Iz!! So if you have room for an affectionate gal with the perfect energy and all the catlove you’ll ever need, reach out today and ask about Izzy. She’s a gem of a friend who really sparkles in a home with family.
Thank you, Ellen, for fostering!

Regi – Adopted!

Learn More About Regi!
Ain’t REGI the cutest?!
This 1 yr old 30 lb babe is working hard to earn her Ambassadog badge.
She got the nickname Sharknator on her first day in foster care, but she’s been an exemplary student and has improved every day since! Regi’s foster mom says she’s a joy to have around, and she loves meeting new people. She has a lot of puppy energy and is easily excitable so she’s looking for responsible parents who will provide leadership so she matures into a model adult. A calm home environment with a yard to play in and low foot traffic is important, with kids high school+ if any. She loves to train and already knows her name and how to sit and stay. She’s working on down and shake! This sweetie is crate and potty trained, polishing her leash manners, and does well in the car. She snores like an elephant seal, but totally worth it. We think Regi could live with a tolerant, adult male companion dog but is probably too energetic for a cat family. She’s definitely cool flying solo and really just wants to be with her people. Regi wasn’t in her temp foster home long before her forever fam found her! They couldn’t resist that wrinkled squishy face! Regi is adopted!
Thank you, Susy, for fostering!

Garfield – Adopted!

Learn More About Garfield!

Sweet, shy Garfield came from a hoarding case along with 25 other felines. He was probably loved, and they were definitely well fed, but as with similar situations, he didn’t have a lot of personal time with his humans. He spent his first few days under the bed and is still super timid, but we’re SO EXCITED about his progress! A few days in and he was able to hang out in the cubby at the top of his cat tree. He would allow petting and is not reactive at all, and a few days later he rewarded his devoted fosters with a little purr. Last night – day 8 – Gar’s foster dad caught him outside of his nest box and spent 30 minutes petting and feeding. He rubbed against his foster dad and the furniture, used the scratching post and purred loudly. Garfield loves tummy rubs!! We can’t even express how happy this makes us. This is the entire meaning behind the DiscoverMe Project. We know this sweet red tabby has a lot of love to give. Are you the quiet, patient, adult family he’s looking for? Reach out today!

Thank you, Turner Family, for fostering!

Merlin – New Wagging Dog!

Learn More About Merlin!

We know this pooch is going to light up the comm lines. Better not wait if you want him! Merlin (FKA Gordy from OC) is a wonderful little white floof of 3 yrs and 10 lbs. He’s fun, super affectionate, puppy playful and entertaining. He had a tough time finding himself at the shelter, as so many small dogs do, but he’s excelling in temp foster care! Merlin does great with his similarly sized foster bro and could easily live with a small canine pal. He can probably live with a savvy cat too. Lil M has been working on his crate, potty and leash skills so he’ll be sure to impress his future family. He enjoys walks followed by nap time and a chance to warm up in his cushy crate. The M Dog is looking for a quiet adult home with people who aren’t gone all day. His long fur requires regular professional grooming so if you don’t have the time and cash for that, he’s not your guy. Merlin’s temp foster mama could see that the little guy could use some extra time in foster to learn how to be the best member of the famliy, so she has decided to foster him long term until we find Merlin’s perfect forever!

Thank you, Emily, for fostering!

Susie – Adopted!

Learn More About Susie!

Can we just begin with: This dog is PERFECT. Adopt now. The End.

Susie’s temp DMP foster mom has had the most AMAZING things to say about this sweet lil lady from OC.

To start, she’s an angel. Truth. She’s 5 years young and a plush 20 lbs, working on trimming down a pound or two. When Susie’s foster mom reaches for her leash, this angel baby runs right over and sits down in anticipation. A perfect dog. She really comes alive on walks and you get to see a pup who’s excited to run around, tail and head held high. She can actually out-walk her mom lol. She even understands to always walk next to her person and to wait at crosswalks. A perfect partner. She’s also a perfect houseguest – no accidents, no barking, sleeps through the night, stays off the furniture. All on her own. Susie’s not needy and gives attention when mutually desired but is also content to enjoy a nap with her new toy or gaze out the window from her crate. She can be timid at first but warms up quickly and would like a quiet home with respectful high school kids if any. She’d likely do great with a friendly canine or feline companion and would also be fine flying solo. Smaller space is fine as long as she gets to enjoy her outdoor jaunts. Susie’s forever mama had just lost a furry love and was ready to save another soul. She spotted Susie Q and fell in love, the end 🙂

Thank you, Ambika, for fostering!

Chester – Adopted!

Learn More About Chester!

Sweet, gentle soul seeks calm, quiet home. This 18 lb onyx long dog is CHESTER from OC, and his foster mom says he’s such a LOVE! Chester’s had a rough couple weeks but has really been coming out of his shell. Chester’s looking for patient parents who’ll help him feel safe and loved. Small spaces okay! No yard required so long as he gets walks every day. He’ll be fine sharing space with another dog but doesn’t require a canine companion – a devoted human is all he needs! He loves to be around people but isn’t clingy or demanding. An ideal companion for retirees, empty-nesters, or any adult household looking for a well behaved new friend. Chester’s forever family saw his adorably timid face, then met him in person, then fell in love, then made him a permanent member of the family! Yay Chester!

Thank you, Lailee, for fostering!

Bagel – Adopted!

Learn More About Bagel!

This outgoing, friendly red tabby is a playful young 1.5 yr old kitteh who’s had a hard time finding the right adopter at the shelter. He can get overstimulated and mouthy when his excitement shorts his kid brain out, but we know in a cat savvy home he’d be just fine. He’s in a cat savvy temp DMP foster home now and guess what? He’s just fine. Bagel’s foster mom says this 13+ lb boy is a LOVE. He’s super affectionate and sweet. Bagel’s new dad found him, met him, instantly loved his silly and playful nature, and took him home! Yay Bagel!

Thank you, Ellen, for fostering!

Mack – Adopted!

Learn More About Mack!

This lil puffball is MACK. He’s had a tough time handling shelter life but is doing great in his temp foster home! He’s a high energy boy with a feisty, happy attitude. He’s food motivated, playful and smart, a winning combo in a 19 lb package. He’s friendly with small dogs and walks well on a lead but needs practice with excitement when he sees other dogs outside. He’s good in the house and in his crate. He wants attention but then cowers with tucked tail as if anticipating a scolding (or worse). His foster mom is showing him that he has nothing to fear, and we’re hoping his time in the DMP will help build trust and confidence. During his time with our excellent foster mama, Mack’s forever mama found him, met him, and couldn’t live without him! Sweet lil Macky is adopted 🙂

Thank you, Glenda, for fostering again!

Sweet Tart – Adopted!

Learn More About Sweet Tart!

This is Sweet Tart and her former owner was a jerk. She hit Sweetie with a rolled up paper more than once and then returned her to the Carlsbad shelter for not being a lap cat. Thank Dog anyway. Now we have an opportunity to find ST a family who deserves her, and we hope the other person never gets another pet again. Shelter staff said ST was nice and social when she first arrived. They reported upon her return that she was the same – very friendly, outgoing, and wanting attention. Sweet Tart’s temp DMP foster mom reports that she was giving head butts and purring as soon as they got home. She opened up quickly and even befriended foster mom’s boyfriend – and jumped straightaway into his .. lap. She loves attention and will say thanks with finger and face licks. So cute! Sweetie is under 2 yrs and less than 10 lbs. She loves being brushed and playing with wand toys, and she uses her litter box and scratching post like a pro. Honestly, how much more perfect of a cat does one need? Sweet Tart’s forever mama couldn’t resist the cuteness, and ST is now adopted!

Thank you, Amanda, for fostering!

Radar Love – Available Wagging Dog!

Read Radar Love's Story
Itty bitty Radar Love (formerly Lil Ricky from the OC Shelter) is now officially a Wagging Dog! We don’t know how he found himself in the shelter, but he wasn’t there long before we snatched him up and let him rest in a temporary foster home, then we found a long term foster! Now we are working on getting him healthy and neutered, then he will be ready to use those Radar ears to call his forever family to him!
Thank you, Raji, for fostering!

Tarragon – Adopted!

Read Tarragon's Story
Sweet 4-yr-old Tarragon is actually still under the bed. He had an owner a couple years ago but obviously that didn’t work out, nor did it teach him that we can be trusted. We hope his time in a special temp foster home will allow him to venture out and build confidence whilst getting lots of pets and rubs. He’s a quiet, nice kitty who gets along well with other nice kitties. Tarragon weighs 14+ lbs and, while we’re still waiting to learn more about him, we’ll go out on a limb and say that a confident, friendly companion cat in his forever home would be great.
Thank you, Turner Family, for fostering!!

Mulberry – Adopted!

Read Mulberry's Story
This handsome 4-yr-old starts off on the shy side but it only took a few days and some coaxing and now Mulberry has gained enough confidence to solicit attention and brushings by rubbing on legs. This big boi 16 pounder is quite a friendly guy who just needs a little time and space to make new human friends at his own pace. He gets along great with other nice kitties and will make a very loving feline for a lucky family. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Mulberry!
Thank you, Turner Family, for fostering!!

Lulu – Adopted!

Read Lulu's Story
This is Lulu and she loves people. Her original owner failed her and she ended up back at the shelter last fall. She’s a high energy, deaf 50 lb 3 yr old who’s enjoying her time out of the shelter, running in a yard and chasing toys. Her foster parents are working on hand signals, nice doggie manners and crate training to give Lu a leg up when she meets her forever fam. Lulu might be able to live with a well matched male companion dog and savvy owners. She’ll do best in a home with adult children if any, and leadership and boundaries are a must. This beauty is still an adolescent who’s also suffering from kennel stress, and as you can see she hasn’t had any stability in her young life. She has so much potential and is already knocking our socks off. We hope she’ll steal yours too. Reach out if you think she’s the one!
Thank you, Susy, for fostering!

Bailey – Adopted!

Read Bailey's Story
This. Dog. Is. A. Gem. So don’t let him slip away. Bailey is a gentle giant around 4 yrs old and he should weigh around 75 lbs. His foster mom says he’s a big softie lol. He loves walks and naps, has good leash manners, is totally potty trained, sleeps soundly all night in his crate, and gets along great with other friendly dogs. You couldn’t ask for a nicer guy. He loves treats and will take them out of your hand ever so gently. This boy is super chill and mild mannered. Although we’ve only known him a short time, we can tell he’ll be the perfect buddy for a quiet home with older kids and one or two other calm canine companions. (No cats please.) Let us know if Bailey’s right for you!
Thank you, Trax Family, for fostering again!

Jelly – Adopted!

Read Jelly's Story
This adorable 3 yr old pup is Jelly! She hails from the Carlsbad shelter where she’s had a hard time finding the right match. What we’ve learned about her already –

  • She LOVES other dogs and really needs a confident, similarly sized companion dog in her forever fam.
  • She’s skittish around people but we know she’ll settle in with time. We’d like to see her in an adult home and quiet environment.
  • Her fosters are working on leash manners, stairs, and how to be an indoor house pal.
  • When she’s out on walks, her tail is so happy and she bounces like a bunny!
  • She’s currently 25 lbs but needs to lose a few to be at her best. She’s a big fan of food.
  • We looove her!! You will too!

Let us know if Jelly was meant for you!

Thank you, Emily, for fostering!

Maverick – Adopted!

Read Maverick's Story
This guy is SUCH a knockout! And he’s pretty much PERFECT! Handsome Mav is still a kid at just 2 years of age. His 62 lb frame is a bit thin and we know he’ll fill in quite nicely. As you might expect, Maverick is super smart. He’s friendly, polite, affectionate without being needy. (Dream dog!) He’s a fast learner, eager to please and treat motivated too. He has good leash manners and is completely non reactive on walks even when other dogs are being rude. He casually offers play instead of barks. So sweet. Mav’s fosters have yet to hear his own bark, and his house manners have been exemplary. He’s good in the car, learning not to jump up when he’s excited, and we know this dog would be a perfect companion for anyone who wants a soulmate to make memories with. Maverick’s new family saw his picture and ready his story and just knew that he would be a perfect companion for their children and female pup! Congrats, Maverick!
Thank you, Mary, for fostering!

Ariel – ADOPTED!

Read Ariel's Story
Ariel is a gorgeous 8 month old pup that had a rough time since she first arrived at the Carlsbad Animal Shelter in September. She was timid and cowering in her kennel at the shelter, but as soon as she was out of there and into her temporary home, her tail un-tucked and she became playful and sweet with her foster fur siblings and foster mama! She’s smart, food motivated, and with a beautiful lush coat to boot! After a short time in a temporary foster him, Ariel’s forever mama found her! Ariel now lives with dogs, horses, pigs, and wonderful humans! Yay for Ariel!
Thank you, Melanie, for fostering again!


Read Nicky's Story
Nicky is a 9 yr old chi mix who’s about 14 lbs. He was abandoned at the shelter before Christmas and poor Nicky has been having a terrible time ever since. He went to his temporary foster home on Friday and is struggling to settle down and relax.. We’re using homeopathic anxiety aids and trying to give Nicky as much peace, calm, and nurture as possible and really hope he’ll decompress a bit during the 2 weeks he’s with us. Upon returning to the shelter, NIcky was adopted by a loving mama that found him through our social media networking! Yay for Nicky!
Thank you, Rebekah, for fostering again!

Mr. Blue Sky – Adopted!

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We can’t even handle the scruffy cuteness of this face! Mr. Blue Sky (formerly Oswald from the Carlsbad Shelter) found himself in the Carlsbad Shelter a while back with a bit of an itchy skin problem. Shelter staff has done wonders for him – regular baths, meds and loves – but he still has to wear the Cone of Shame all the time because he’s so itchy! Sadly people keep passing him up because he’s not in perfect condition yet, and he’s truly such an amazing catch. So, a wonderful repeat foster mama stepped up to offer Mr. Blue Sky a temporary stay in her loving home. While in his temp foster home, a wonderful long term foster mama stepped up, and Mr. Blue became an official Wagging Dog!

Thank you for fostering again, Shirley

Zoey the Cat – ADOPTED!

Read Zoey's Story
Onyx furred Zoey girl landed in her temp foster home on all 4 paws! This 5 year old babe was originally trapped and brought to the shelter a few months ago, then returned to her community after being fixed, vaccinated and ear tipped. It seems the original person who trapped her brought her back recently, stating a change in temperament. They must’ve been right because Zoey is quite friendly and affectionate in her temp foster home! Her foster mom says she’s amazing, sweet and playful. In fact, Zoey’s foster family fell head over heels for the black beauty and decided to make her a permanent member of the fam! Well done, Zoey girl!
Thank you, Arlene, for fostering!

Tiger the Cat – ADOPTED!

Read Tiger's Story
Yes, we have our first ever DiscoverMe CAT in da house! Please meet TIGER, a gorgeous 1 yr old polydactyl kitty who’s struggling at the shelter. His owner had to give him up in November due to a change in living situation, but we were told he was very friendly while he was still owned. We’re super excited to welcome our first DMP Cat and hope the reprieve from the stressful shelter will help this boy showcase his true nature in his temporary foster home. Tiger adjusted to life at his temporary foster home so quickly that we knew he would be an excellent and loving addition to the right family! Thankfully, the right family for Tiger found him, and he is officially adopted! Yay Tiger! First DMP Cat is a SUCCESS!
Thank you, Shirley, for fostering again!
Picture of DiscoverMe shelter dog Patch

StanLee – AVAILABLE Wagging Dog!

Read StanLee's Story

Isn’t he just dreamy?? This senior stud muffin is StanLee (formerly Clint from the OC Shelter) and he we were able to bring him in through the DiscoverMe Project™ thanks to a foster who said Yes! Sweet StanLee arrived at the shelter in terrible shape, almost 4 months ago :'( He had worn and broken teeth and his skin was a serious mess. His ears were full of crud and show signs of long neglect, just like the rest of his 9 year old body. He was missing a lot of fur, with crusty scabs, inflammation, multiple masses and a rather pungent odor. The shelter has done wonders for this poor boy and we hope to continue their work while now that he’s in a foster home. It’s not easy to treat skin conditions in a shelter environment. He did so well that his temp foster mom said she’d care for him until we find his perfect family, so StanLee is now an official Wagging Dog and available for adoption! 

Thank you, Lynneta, for fostering!

Picture of DiscoverMe shelter dog Patch

Salchicha – ADOPTED!

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Tall, blonde and handsome? Yep! Salchicha (formerly Saul from the OC Shelter) is a 2 year old chi mix from who struggled to find his confidence at the shelter. Thankfully one of our best foster dad’s spoke up and we were able to bring him in through the DiscoverMe Project™! We love his long legs, good looks and charming smile and look forward to seeing him come out of his shell in his temp 2-week DMP foster home. At 16 lbs, we know this handsome fella will make the perfect lap warmer for the right lap this summer. Salchicha caught many an eye during his temporary foster stay, and we were able to find a long term foster home for him, so he became an official Wagging Dog! Since then, his foster parents have fallen head over heels in love with our spicy little guy, and have officially adopted Salchicha!

Thank you, Chris & Denise, for fostering.

Picture of DiscoverMe shelter dog Patch

Patch – ADOPTED!

Read Patch's Story

We’re pretty much smitten with this guy and know he’ll make some family really lucky when they find him. He’s the perfect DiscoverMe Dog™ – he was relinquished to the shelter after being in a home for just one week with so many bad notes that you wouldn’t believe. (We didn’t which is why we have him and now we’re gonna disprove all of those notes!)

Patch’s foster mom says he’s a lovable little guy who’s loyal to his humans and likes to seek out snuggles (particularly with the ladies lol). He’s been a perfect gentleman in her home, content in his crate at night and chillin in there during the day too (without barking!). He’s never had an accident and routinely does his business in the yard. As you might have seen in Patch’s playtime video, he really enjoys the company of other dogs as long as he’s given proper, unrushed introductions. Once he breaks the ice, he’s incredibly social and playful and we know he’d probably enjoy a playful similarly sized companion in his future home.

This onyx coated gem enjoys jogging, hiking and beach days (on lead) and would be a great workout companion or adventure buddy. He’s working on leash manners while he’s with his temp foster mom and will probably need a bit more polishing once he finds his forever fam. We think Patch will thrive in a home with high school kids on up, or an all adult household. He’s a bit sound sensitive and not a fan of chaos – say, me too! Patch is a fast learner, smart as a whip, and he loves to exercise – his brain too. Put him to work and mold him into your very own ambassadog!

Did you know that black dogs and cats have a harder time getting adopted from rescues and shelters? It’s called Black Dog Syndrome. Google it. We LOVE black dogs and cats (especially PATCH!), and we hope someone out there does too.

Patch found his forever family and was adopted from the shelter. Yay for Patch and his new family!

Thank you, Stacy, for fostering! Again!

Picture of DiscoverMe shelter dog Calvin

Calvin – ADOPTED!

Read Calvin's Story

Floppy ear’d Calvin is a playful puppy who was able to participate in the DiscoverMe Project™ thanks to a foster who said Yes! He’s another little dog who was set up for total failure by his original owner, a woman who then abandoned him at the shelter requesting that they euthanize him. Thankfully they accepted her dog but declined to end his life, having seen his awesome potential and her failure. Once he moved into our DMP foster home, Cal proved us right by being a well-behaved dude! He did so well that his temp foster mom said she’d care for him until we find his perfect family, so Calvin became an official Wagging Dog! Then we found him a perfect forever home and we couldn’t be happier for him and his family!

Thank you, Tiffany, for fostering!

Picture of DiscoverMe shelter dog Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear – ADOPTED!

Read Teddy's Story

Teddy Bear was found dodging cars on a L.A. freeway. The Good Sam who saved him turned him into the local shelter. He was emaciated, matted, covered in fleas and ticks, and limping. T Bear quickly captured the hearts of staff and volunteers alike, and the shelter took excellent care of the Bear. He gained weight, got rid of the unwanted traveling companions, and was put on daily medication to help with his bum rear leg. We were thrilled to be able to take him into the DMP for a couple weeks and give him a break in a clean, safe home. Teddy did stupendously while in temp foster, getting along great with the other dog in the home, passing his cat test with flying colors too. He was so awesome that we received multiple inquiries about fostering and adopting, and lucky Teddy Bear was adopted by a wonderful mom who will take excellent care of her new furry boy. Yay!!

Thank you, Mark and Family, for fostering!

Picture of DiscoverMe shelter dog Snoopy

Miss Snoopy – ADOPTED!

Read Snoopy's Story

Miss Snoopy came from a large hoarding situation where she lived in a yard (many on chains) with around 70 close relatives. Shelter staff and volunteers have worked so hard to help these under socialized animals learn to trust humans and have fun just being dogs. They’ve come a long way in a short time.

Snoopy is really starting to come out of her shell in her temp foster home. She enjoys playing with her doggie foster sis and we think she’d appreciate a well-matched companion. She’s very trusting of other dogs and they put her at ease while showing her the ropes.

Miss Snoopy is slowly gaining comfort around the humans in her foster family. Patience and some tasty treats go a long way. Her foster mom has worked with her for 2.5 months as a shelter volunteer so Snoopy really trusts her. She is a gentle dog who loves belly rubs and stealing your flip flops lol.

The cutest thing of all is her snoring. It’s not a loud snore but more of a peaceful snore. A snore that shows she is sleeping comfortably outside of the shelter, inside a safe and loving home, which just makes our heart smile.

Snoopy found the perfect family for her with patient human parents who adore her and a sweet sis Tallulah and a little shih bruddah nicknamed Stinker.

Thank you, Melanie, for fostering! Again!

Picture of Rudy - DiscoverMe Project Shelter Dog

Radish (fka Rudy) – ADOPTED!

Read Radish's Story

Radish, formerly known as Rudy at the shelter, is a small chi mix puppy who had a tough past of failed families. He was part of a really bad hoarding case and arrived at the shelter completely unsocialized and fearful, just a baby. He was adopted from one shelter in 2017, returned to a different shelter a couple months later, transferred to the Carlsbad shelter, adopted a few days before Xmas 2017, then returned a few days later due to a bite. Radish is a sensitive little guy who just needed patient, understanding people who wouldn’t pressure him so much. He was hoping for people who would help him to feel safe and able to trust humans again, and thankfully we were able to take him into the DiscoverMe Project™! Radish did so well during this temporary stay that his foster decided to care for him until he found the perfect home. And find the perfect home he did – the Best! Radish now has a dog and a cat sibling and super savvy parents who are committed to his success!

Thank you, Mary, for fostering!

Picture of Dudley - DiscoverMe Project Shelter Dog

Dudley – ADOPTED!

Read Dudley's Story

Dudley is an adorable creamy white fluffy who’s just a pup at 2 years old and just shy of 10 lbs. His former owner brought him into the shelter to be euthanized for biting, but we felt that his reactivity was due to a bad ear infection in both ears. We can hardly blame him for acting out when he was suffering and in pain. He is sensitive to hands reaching over his head, likely because of this, but was a real gem for all shelter staff and volunteers. The shelter treated his ear and eye infections and asked if we could give him a break and get to know him better in a temp DMP foster home. Lucky Dudley boy landed a great temp foster and through our marketing efforts, he found the perfect family to adopt him! Yay Dudley!

Thank you, Tiffany, for fostering!

Picture of DiscoverMe Shelter Dog Abby


Read Abby's Story

This itty bitty 5 pound senior lady, Abby, was relinquished to the shelter with 3 other dogs when her former owner passed away. Sadly, the other 3 were in such poor health, the only appropriate action was to humanely let them go. The shelter felt that lil Abby, however, could still be helped so they took her into their care. They even provided her with a much needed dental cleaning. We had a chance to get to know her better in our temp DMP foster home. While she was there, a lovely family inquired about her and the rest is history.

Thank you, Melanie, for fostering!

Picture of DiscoverMe Shelter Dog JJ


Read JJ's Story

This sweet boy, JJ, arrived at the shelter in Dec 2017 with three other animals due to an unexpected tragedy that befell their former owner and themselves. A staff and volunteer favorite while there, Jumpin Jack had been through a lot of upheaval. Adopted and returned just 3 days later through no fault of his own, we were thrilled to take him into the DiscoverMe Project™ and show him off to the world. During the DMP, we found the perfect foster mom and JJ became an official Wagging Dog. Now he’s happily adopted by a fabulous family and has a feline sibling and devoted parents!! YAY!

Thank you, Aaron and Bethany, for fostering!

Picture of Ricky DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Ricky – ADOPTED!

Read Ricky's Story

Lil Ricky’s luck changed for the better when we were able to place him into the DMP in November 2017. Animal control saved him from a hoarding situation along with a bunch of other small dogs, and his previous owners had him debarked. He sat at the shelter for 3 months and was the last of his group of littles still waiting for a home. After moving into temp foster with an amazing family whose previous pup passed earlier this year, we quickly learned what a terrific dog he was and lo and behold, his DMP foster family decided to adopt him! YAYAY!

Thank you, Donna and Stan, for fostering – and adopting!!

Picture of Jessie DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Jessie – ADOPTED!

Read Jessie's Story

Beautiful Jessie came from a rough past and she was seen running the streets for a week, dragging a chain leash, before animal control saved her. She was super thin and her skin and coat were in really poor shape, her ears almost bald with fly strike. The shelter was worried that she might be developing pyometra, an often fatal uterine infection common to female dogs left un-spayed, so they put her under for spay surgery right away and also gave her a dental. She received excellent care while at the shelter but was there for over 4 months, waiting for someone to appreciate her amazing qualities. She was very shut down and slow to trust, not easy for all of the volunteers to handle due to her shyness. It’s difficult for a dog who is more reserved, and she kept getting passed up day after day. She struggled to gain weight and gain confidence in the shelter and we knew she’d be an ideal candidate for our DiscoverMe Project!

From her first day in the DMP, Jessie was already starting to relax and decompress. It took her around 8 days to really start coming out of her shell. Her dedicated foster mom, also a dedicated shelter volunteer, continued to work with her and earn her trust. She even caught Jess on film being a dog a few days into her stay, running zoomies in the backyard and leaping in sheer joy 🙂 It was really wonderful to witness this dog transform in the couple weeks of her stay in a DMP foster home. And thankfully, the day before she was due to return, sweet Jessie found her parents. They adopted her on the last day of her time in the DMP! Such a wonderful success!

Thank you, Melanie, for fostering!!

Picture of Koa DiscoverMe Dog


Read Koa's Story

Koa was left in the night drop at the shelter in August 2017 by the mother of his former owner when that person ended up in jail. He was quickly adopted by a family with a new baby who returned him a few days later citing all kinds of horrible things about him. What was witnessed in the shelter didn’t match what they reported, so we took him into a temp DMP foster home and put their words to the test. Turns out he’s nothing like the naughty dog they spoke of – in fact, he’s a total gentleman! He showed his temp foster mom that he was such a dreamboat, she and her husband decided to long term foster him until we found him a forever home! So we did. Koa is now adopted by a fabulous fam!

Thank you, Lauren and Charles, for fostering!

Picture of Simba DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Simba – ADOPTED!

Read Simba's Story

Simba landed in the shelter in September 2017 when his former owner decided it was no longer convenient to keep him. It was a good thing because the poor little guy was dropped off severely matted, infested with fleas, overweight, under socialized and understandably very fearful and reactive. We were able to place him in a DMP foster home and ultimately found him the perfect forever dad before he had to go back! Dad says they’re best buds and it’s been a great adventure 🙂 We’re so happy for these BFFs!

Thank you, Stephanie and Chris, and Melanie, for fostering!

Picture of Flower Girls DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

The Flower Girls – ADOPTED!

Read Daisy and Clover's Story

These two lil bonded ladies, Daisy and Clover, sat unnoticed in the shelter for two months before entering the DMP in September 2017. Being black, and older, and truly bonded, they didn’t even have one single interact with an interested party! 🙁 Their bodies showed signs of a life of neglect, and even though the shelter provided excellent care for both including dentals so they’d have sparkly smiles, they still were afflicted with irritated skin and appeared older than they likely were. After being placed in our DMP foster home, through rigorous marketing and a series of serendipitous events, our Flower Girls found the most amazing forever home and now have the perfect life! Huzzah!! Read about their incredible adoption story here!

Thank you, Rebekah and Eric, for fostering!

Picture of Squints DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Squints fka Markie – ADOPTED!

Read Squints' Story

Squints, known as Markie at the shelter, was saved by animal control on 9/1/17 after surviving in a canyon on a triple digit day. When he was finally caught, he was understandably stressed, dehydrated and suffering from heat stroke. He quickly became a shelter staff and volunteer favorite, so when his forever fam reached out about a DiscoverMe Dog™ who wasn’t the best match, we connected them with Markie! From Markie now Squint’s new mom – ‘We couldn’t be happier with this little pup. He has fit right in, he is such a sweetheart and [my son] was so happy he cried…he keeps saying, I cant believe I have my own dog! Thank you so much!’

Picture of Demi DiscoverMe Shelter Dog


Read Demi's Story

Animal control officers saved Demi from a hoarding situation where she was kept in a backyard with ~70 of her closest relatives, many on chains. These poor dogs were all emaciated, in poor health, covered in parasites, and almost feral. When the first group was brought to the shelter, many had a difficult time adjusting to so many big changes. And people. Shelter staff and volunteers worked diligently with each animal, helping them to gain confidence and trust while recovering their health. We were thrilled to be able to take Demi into the DMP where she could spend some quality time in a quiet, skilled foster home.

Demi blossomed by leaps and bounds while in the DMP, showing us what a truly playful and energetic puppy she really was inside that timid, fearful white body. She enjoyed playtime with her canine foster sis and slowly grew to be more trusting of the humans in the home. We were not able to find Demi a long term foster or public adopter while she was with us in the DiscoverMe Project™. Upon her return to the shelter however, Miss Demi found a family willing to give her another chance and she was adopted. Yay Demi 🙂

Thank you, Melanie, for fostering!

Picture of Olive DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Olive – ADOPTED!

Read Olive's Story

Olive was one of the dozens of mastiff blends who were rescued by animal control from a neglectful outdoor hoarding situation. The dogs were all suffering from lack of food, malnutrition, parasites, as well as being unsocialized and unused to any kind of human interaction. Staff and volunteers worked diligently with each dog, helping them to recover their health while gaining trust and confidence in their new surroundings. Some of these dogs progressed more quickly and were adopted by members of the public. Others, like Olive, had a harder time and we were happy to have a chance to take this beautiful brindle girl into one of our awesome DMP foster homes.

Shy, sweet Olive did great in foster care. She learned what it’s like to just be a dog, to have a soft bed to sleep on, toys to play with, and reliable nutritious meals each day. Like her sister Demi, Miss Olive enjoyed playtime with her doggie foster sis. It was a special treat to see her grow more and more each day. Olive didn’t find a long term foster or adopter while with us in the DMP, but immediately upon her return, she was adopted by a fabulous family on Clear The Shelters Day in August 2017. If only all of the dogs could be so lucky! Congrats Olive!

Thank you, Melanie, for fostering again!

Picture of Chorizo DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Chorizo – ADOPTED!

Read Chorizo's Story

Cutie Chorizo was only in the DMP for a week. You rarely saw him in his kennel at the shelter because he was always buried under a blanket. The shelter went the extra mile for this senior guy, giving him a dental when he was neutered, but even with his dashing good looks and energetic personality, lil Chorizo still waited and waited for someone to take him home. That wait ended on Clear The Shelters Day in August 2017 when we he was adopted! YAY!

Thank you, Shirley, for fostering!

Picture of DJ DiscoverMe Shelter Dog


Read DJ's Story

Gentle, shy 9-yr-old DJ was left at the shelter when his family moved without him at the beginning of July. 2017 He had a terrible time adjusting to shelter life and it showed in his behavior in his kennel 🙁 No one who saw him could envision the quiet, well behaved introvert behind the barking, lunging and somewhat frightening dog in the kennel, so DJ was passed up day after day and eventually had to be moved to an isolated kennel to lessen his stress. He simply couldn’t handle visitors staring in at him while confined in his kennel space. Thanks to a willing DMP foster, we were able to place him in a real home in August and told the world about the real DJ. And sure enough, we found his forever dad and forever fur brother before he had to go back to the shelter! Twinsies? Maybe!! DJ (right) is estimated to be about the same age as his fur brother Rex (left) and they both came from the Carlsbad shelter (several years apart). DJ is a perfect example that the dog you see in the kennel is not necessarily the dog in real life.

Thank you, Lisa, for fostering!

Picture of Monty DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Monty – ADOPTED!

Read Monty's Story

Pretty much everyone in the rescue was in love with lil man Monty lol. He arrived at the shelter in June 2017 when his owner died and the rest of the family didn’t want to be responsible for any bills, and he came in with a gal named Bella, both senior chi mixes. They were reportedly bonded, and they sat in the shelter for a couple months waiting for someone to want to adopt not just one, but two older wawas. It didn’t happen. What was so appalling about Monty’s condition was that he had a broken femur that was severely displaced, and he was never taken to a vet to have it fixed! 🙁 Who does that?? The injury was so old that it was no longer fixable, and amputation wasn’t really an option because he also had another bum front leg and between the two not-quite-right limbs, he was still able to get around. Removal of the rear limb would have caused major problems with his mobility. Being the resilient and adaptable animals that canines are, Monty had learned to live with his broken leg and was able to get around well enough. Still though, our hearts broke every time we watched him move, and we were excited to have him in the DMP.

While this dynamic duo was in our DMP foster home, we learned that they were not truly bonded animals after all. We were able to share this info with shelter staff so they would approve them to be adopted separately. Asking someone to take two dogs instead of just one makes it that much harder for them to find a home. While Monty and Bella enjoyed each other’s company, they were also totally fine being separated and also got along well with other dogs. Because of this valuable feedback from our foster parents, Monty was able to be adopted by a wonderful lady on Clear The Shelters Day. She came to the shelter and asked for a dog who was going to have the hardest time finding a home. She walked out with our smiling lil man and we couldn’t be happier!! Woohoo!

Thank you, Rebekah and Eric, for fostering!

Picture of Bella DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Bella – ADOPTED!

Read Bella's Story

This ravishing beauty, Bella, arrived at the shelter with another adorable chichi, Monty, when their owner died and the rest of the family didn’t want to be responsible for any bills. Both dogs were seniors and reportedly bonded meaning they couldn’t be separated. It’s a lot to ask of an adopter to take not just one senior dog, but two. So they sat unwanted in their kennel for a couple months before we were able to take them into the DMP. While with us, we realized that these two nuggets, while fond of each other, were not truly bonded. They could very easily live without each other and/or with other dogs. This valuable feedback, which was shared with shelter staff, enabled both Bella and Monty to be adopted by two different families on Clear The Shelters Day in August 2017! Nice!

Thank you, Rebekah and Eric, for fostering!

Picture of CeCe DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Cece fka Coco – ADOPTED!

Read Cece's Story

Cece, formerly known as Coco the terrier at the shelter, went into temp DMP foster in July 2017 after not presenting well in her kennel for the previous couple months. She turned out to be so perfect once in a normal home environment that her temp foster family offered to foster her until we found a forever home! So we did!! Cece is now Fiona and has a fun loving life in Los Angeles with her forever fam and a turtle sibling!!

Thank you, Schneider Family, for fostering!

Picture of Thea DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Thea fka Bettie – ADOPTED!

Read Thea's Story

Not an official DMP dog, Thea was known as Bettie when she arrived at the shelter in May 2017 with 25 of her closest relatives. Part of a sad hoarding situation, this beautiful dog was found in a yard by animal control, nursing a litter of puppies, with over 100 foxtails embedded all over her body including her ears and mammaries 🙁 She was among the last of her group to find a forever family even though she was the most social of the bunch around humans. Her mom and dad reached out to us about two other dogs then in the DMP who were not the best fit for their family. One of our dedicated DMP fosters, also a shelter volunteer, met mom and dad at the shelter and introduced them to Bettie. They were the first in line the next morning to adopt sweet Bettie on Clear The Shelters day in August! What a happy ending for this once neglected beauty!

Thank you, Melanie, for making this possible!

Picture of Natasha DMP

Natasha – ADOPTED!

Read Natasha's Story

Natasha was one of our first DMP success. She sat in the shelter for almost three months and even got a feature as the pet of the week on the county site. More reserved and withdrawn in her kennel, people kept passing her by. It took the first 8 days of her stay in our DMP foster home before she really started coming out of her shell. We found her family during her July 2017 time in the DMP and they adopted her directly from the shelter before we had to take her back! Natasha has a sweet fur brother to play and cuddle with as well as several feline siblings.

Thank you, Tee and Gabe, for fostering!

Picture of Dallas DiscoverMe Shelter Dog

Dallas fka Pony Boy – ADOPTED!

Read Dallas' Story

Dallas, formerly known as Pony Boy in the shelter, went into temp foster in July 2017 and we were able to find a long term foster before he had to go back. The shelter provided Dallas with a much needed groom as well as a much needed dental, but deaf senior dogs are not exactly the type to fly off the shelter shelves. Lucky for this golden boy, we knew just the lady who would give him the perfect forever home. A repeat Wagging Dog family who previously adopted another deaf senior cocker gal from us, Dallas’ new mom said YES! when we asked if she had an opening for another sweet senior much like her first. Dallas now has an amazing life and gets to go everywhere with his momma, even flying in their airplane to destinations unknown!

Thank you, Machi and Chris, for fostering!

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