We are ALWAYS looking for passionate people to join the Wagging Dog Team! Contact us to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. It takes a bunch of dedicated people to keep a small, busy dog rescue running. Some volunteer work can even be done remotely.

Check out some of the many ways you can help below or fill-out our volunteer application and tell us about your special skill or how you’d like to help! You can email the completed application to volunteer@waggingdog.org.

Fundraising (also remote)

This is a nonstop job for any charity and particularly critical for a rescue like ours that takes in dogs with higher medical bills. We need people who can find creative ways to garner us some much needed donations; people who get things done, ‘Go Getters’ to get us some Barks! I mean, Bucks!! If you’d like to help with this very crucial need, please fill out a Volunteer Application and email it to volunteer@waggingdog.org.

Videography (also remote)

Wagging Dog Rescue is looking for a talented volunteer who can create engaging video compilations for our wonderful rescue dogs in order to help them find forever homes. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten times more. Nothing quite captures the joy and spirit of our dogs like a good video. We/our fosters would provide both still photos and video clips for use in the overall composition. Additional text information about our rescue and the dog available for adoption, as well as any necessary video credits, would also be needed in each design. If you’d like to get started, fill out a Volunteer Application and send it to volunteer@waggingdog.org and indicate that you’ve got the makings of a star movie producer!

Dog Marketing and Publicity

We do a lot of our marketing online but we still like to cover our bases the old-fashioned way. We need fliers and brochures printed and posted and we always need people to tell their friends about us and our dogs in need of a foster or forever home. If you work at a coffee or sandwich shop, vet’s office, pet store, or visit these places, or if you know of any billboards in your area and are able to keep our fliers posted there, or local websites to list ads for free, email us at volunteer@waggingdog.org, send in your Volunteer App, and help us get our dogs out there!

Web Help

Are you skilled with WordPress and Divi Builder? Got time to help us keep our awesome new site current and running smoothly? Help us to showcase our Orphans to their fullest! Send your Volunteer App to volunteer@waggingdog.org so we can get started!!!

Facebook Design

Got some extra Facebook know-how? Have a FB developer account already and familiar with custom tabs and stuff? The only other thing we would need from you is a bit of your time to help us with our page 🙂 Email a Volunteer App to volunteer@waggingdog.org and let our coordinator know of your mad skills.

Graphic Design

In a big world of dog rescues and dogs to adopt, we want to make sure our pooches get the best possible chance at a loving forever home. If you’ve got an eye for design and are interested in making unique eye-catching Facebook cover photos, fliers, logos, t-shirt designs and other forms of media, we’d be grateful for your talents, time and expertise. Our Dogs will be pretty grateful too 🙂 We also have a simple need for someone who can edit photos of our pack, lightening up shadows, sharpening phone pics, cropping, and adding text/logo before we upload our dog pics for use. This work is best done in a fairly quick turnaround (few days vs. few weeks?), because we are always in dire need of new pics from our foster parents so we can spread the word about our Wagging Dogs. If you are artistically talented and have time to help us with any of these design needs, please send us a Volunteer Application to volunteer@waggingdog.org!!

Online Dog Marketing

In an online world even dog adoption must go digital. We at WDR maintain a robust online presence that involves a number of sites including Facebook, Petfinder, Craigslist, and more. If you would like to be involved in the everyday maintenance of these sites or if you have a favorite site you’d like to take charge of for WDR, please send us a Volunteer Application to volunteer@waggingdog.org!!

Project Manager: DiscoverMe Project

Looking for an organized Project Manager who can take a volunteer leadership role for our new rescue collaboration with the County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services (Carlsbad shelter) – the DiscoverMe Project™.

The DiscoverMe Project TM allows struggling shelter dogs to take a 2-3 week break from the stressful kennel and have a chance to stay in a normal home environment where they can be better evaluated to determine their true personality and habits, life skills, energy and needs as a potential family pet for a public adopter.

The Project Manager will oversee all aspects of this new program and will do so within a two to three week, fast paced tracked workflow. You will be working with a few other volunteers on this project to enable us to maximize our brief DMP period for each shelter dog by: communicating with specific team members about pre-assigned tasks and due dates; requesting updated info/photos from DMP fosters if necessary; and providing instruction to other marketing admins for timely online classified/listings and updates for the DMP dog(s). If you are interested, send us a Volunteer Application to volunteer@waggingdog.org!!