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**Urgent Foster Needed**

Denali needs a new foster home, ASAP! Sweet D loves her people, but the other pups in her current foster home are not her favorite. We need to find this little deaf girly a new home with a well matched male canine companion, or as the only pup. We would like for her to be in a single family home with a private yard, older children (if any), and a low foot traffic environment. She’s a very loving and affectionate girl with her people, which impresses us so much since people in her past obviously didn’t treat her with the respect and care that she so deserves 💗She is a testament to the resilience and forgiving nature of dogs!

If you are interested in temporarily fostering, or forever fostering Denali, please contact us today! In a forever foster situation, the foster parent would agree to love Denali for her whole life, and Wagging Dog Rescue would pay for all medical needs, forever.

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Wagging Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization striving to help dogs survive Southern California’s shelters and find the perfect forever family. We are an all volunteer group of passionate animal advocates, owners and rescuers dedicated to improving animal welfare and restoring the unwanted family pet to his rightful place in a responsible home. All of our adoptable dogs are in a private foster home with a loving caregiver who guides them through their transition from a stressful past to a permanent and well-deserved future. We promote responsible pet ownership, a leadership lifestyle, spay and neuter… and most of all, ADOPTION.

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