Pumpkin is a 12-years-young, 18 pound sweetheart who’s a charmer on leash, lovely with new people, and friendly with the felines!
Pumpkin will do just about anything for a snack, and we’d bet that with the right treat, you can teach this senior baby any new trick you want! In fact he will show you just how much he loves to share your food by standing on his hind legs to do his best Dobby the House Elf impression — it’s adorable! He really does love his food, so he’d prefer that no one interrupt his meal times!
Crate-trained and not sensitive to sound, Pumpkin is an easy keeper — he loves a good morning walk, then a soft spot to nap the rest of the day away (with some snack and potty breaks worked in). While he’s not clingy, he does appreciate knowing you’re around and would make a perfect co-worker for your home office.
Pumpkin’s perfect home would have one or two adults who aren’t gone too often, just a few stairs if any, and regular access to potty areas. If Pumpkin is the cutie-companion you’ve been looking for, talk to us today!

Denver area only please

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