Adorable 6 lb senior Brioche needs an urgent foster care provider in north county SD. She was rescued from an LA shelter with a host of medical issues, and then her original foster home fell through. Bri is scheduled for an echo on 12/2 in Carlsbad so she can get clearance for anesthesia for her dental procedure on 12/16. Her little mouth smells so rotten, and we can’t wait to fix her grill so she can live more comfortably. Poor baby Bri’s knees are also out of place, so after her grill is cleaned up we’ll need to take her for an ortho consult to see if we can fix those too. She’s looking for a quiet, child-free home in north county where she can practice her house manners while regaining her good health.Brioche is an energetic senior who’s super cute, enjoys short walks, wheezes funny when she’s snoozing, and gets along with everyone. If you can offer her a place to crash while we take care of her medical needs, please contact us right away! We don’t want to board a 6 lb senior dog, especially over the holidays. Can you help?
Southern California only please

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