Hi! I’m a good boy, yes I am! My name is Charlie Boy, and I’d like to be your outdoor adventure buddy. It’s my favorite thing in the world, I mean other than belly rubs, and I have excellent leash manners. I’m about 4 years old and my foster fam says I’m 50 pounds of pure puppy-love. I love everybody, especially other doggies (any age, any size!). I’m good at playing like a li’l dog around li’l dogs, and like a big dog around big dogs. I’m not sure about cats but maybe a calm, dog savvy feline would be cool.

Even though I’m high-energy on the trail, I can be quiet around the house and cuddly with people I trust. It takes me a little time to warm up to new folks; when I was little, I was left out in a yard all the time and ignored – me and almost 70 other dogs. I might need to sniff and retreat a few times but I’m more than willing to do a drive by, and once we’re friends, we’re BEST FRIENDS.

My perfect home would include a playful dog-sibling (or several), a private yard for zoomies, toys to play with, balls to chase, and lots of hikes with my people! I really appreciate exercise but don’t worry if you can’t take me out, I’ll still be a good boy. I’m hoping for a family of patient, active adults, a quiet and child-free environment, and did I mention doggie friends? And belly rubs please. Do you give good belly rubs and like to get outdoors? Then I’m your boy!

Southern California only please

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