Kenobi the cocker spaniel is a real people-person — he loves humans! At 7 years young and 27 pounds, he’s got enough life experience to have great manners in the car, on leash, and in the house. He knows his commands too – wait, step up, step down, sit, down, come, find treat, and go outside! Can you believe that repertoire?! He’s so smart that, even though he’s blind, he’ll lift his front paws to go up a step when you say “step up.”

On his own, Lil K navigates quite well once he knows the layout of his space. On walks, he’s happy to trust you to lead him safely. Kenobi is also very responsive to vocal correction. You say “no” – he stops. That’s such a great quality in a dog (or cat, or anyone really). Don’t we all love nice manners!

Our blind boy requires a quiet environment in an adult-only home. Some of his dislikes include encountering new furry folks, whether they’re strange dogs or even stranger cats (he says you don’t need working eyes for prey drive), or folks who have a hard time understanding what he’s trying to communicate. Some of Kenobi’s favorite things include love belly rubs or ear scratches, kisses, treats, cuddles, and short walks. He even enjoys baths and brushing – a plus for that lush long cocker spaniel fur. What a guy! He’s begging to be your main squeeze. Does he sound like a match?

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