Everyone, meet Milo, the most perfect lil scruffalupagus of all time!

Milo is an 11 month old 15lb scruffy container of PURE joy – from the ‘dinner dance’ he does, spinning in circles and stomping his little teddy bear feet, to his hoard of toys he ‘puts away’ in his bed. When it comes to Milo’s favorite things, food (especially carrots!) and cuddles with his human or small-dog friends top his list, but belly rubs come in at a close second. That said, he’s fairly independent during the day, finding a cozy sunny spot to relax in between bouts of play. One of his favorite games is to jump on the bed and run up to you to get ‘flipped over’ in a barrel roll – and then he charges again — it’s adorable!

While Milo can be a bit uncertain with new dogs at first, after a proper introduction, it’s GAME ON. We would really love to see him in a home with playful fur-friends (he’s great with dogs of all sizes – but untested around cats) and a moderately active family who enjoys teaching a few tricks (he’s very treat-motivated and a fast learner). Milo is just a fun pup, full of joyful energy and love once he warms up to you. He’s even garnered a few nicknames while in foster… Milo Pie, Thumper and Lil Nugget! He is young and very smart (and a terrier) so moderate leadership skills are preferred, but he is extremely willing to cooperate and eager to please. He has come so far in foster care from his rough beginnings, and we can’t wait to see how much farther he’ll go with YOU.

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