When you always wanted a pony, but your HOA only accepts dogs…

Meet Zazu, our 8 years young blue merle who puts the GREAT in Great Dane! She’s a petite gal, just over 100 lbs, with such beautiful coloring. She may be one of the smartest giants we’ve ever met. She walks nicely on lead and checks in often with her person, has perfect car manners, is house-broken, crate-trained, and stops whatever she’s doing IMMEDIATELY if she hears “NO”. Zu also knows sit, down, stay, wait, come, shake, get out AND go to bed! She basically has a better grasp of the English language than most people (she may even correct your grammar). She is gentle, clever, athletic, and has fabulous energy – we’d love to see her in an active home with people who’ll take her out on daily walks and give her some mental exercise too (because she’s so darn smart).

We’re in love with her, to be honest, and can’t understand how her original family of 8 years could so easily drop her off at an over-crowded shelter during the holidays with nothing but a copy of her pedigree. They said some not-so-nice things about her, and we genuinely think they were lying to justify their actions. She’s pretty close to purrfect and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She also doesn’t beg for food, doesn’t try to steal things off the counter (even when she’s nose-to-nosh because of her height), and doesn’t drool (unless she’s just finished drinking water, in which case, step back from the splash zone). Needless to say, finding herself at a stressful, super noisy shelter after 8 years in a family home was a lot for her to handle, and she needed a solid couple months in her foster home before she really started to decompress and feel safe once again.

Zazu is extremely sweet, a wonderful companion, and has so much to offer the right family. She gets along well with people (and other dogs) – but we’d like to see her in a home without kids who might get knocked over in a burst of puppy enthusiasm. She may be 8 but she’s going on 2. She’ll also open doors and baby gates if they aren’t snicked shut, just to see what’s on the other side, so grown-ups are preferred in her future fam. (She’s not an escape artist; she’s just a curious gal!) Zu’s a talker in the great Dane way but not overly chatty, and she stays alert to any strangers approaching her house. Her long tail is always wagging, especially when she’s enjoying the outdoors, and she has a zest for life that we think is so special!

Zazu’s wish list includes: A single family home with a private yard to enjoy, daily exercise, and a chill environment with people around. She likes her ‘me’ time and will wander off to nap in a peaceful sunny spot by herself (so multiple giant breed dog beds are a must), but she loves the company of her humans too. If you’re looking for an affectionate, well-mannered companion who’s also a conversation starter (you’ll make so many friends on those daily walks – Zazu is nothing short of majestic!), then contact us today! Breed experience preferred.

Southern California only please

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