Cuttlefish (pronounced CUDDLEfish) is a sweet, kind, mature gentleman who warmly welcomes new people, dogs and cats. A bit like a hobbit, he enjoys his creature-comforts – like diving into warm fuzzy blankets, good food, regular naps, and occasional frisky runs in the backyard. Cozy is his word of the year, and our fantastic foster fam is making sure he gets plenty of cozy time. If you’re feeling cozy too, he’d love to snuggle with you in a comfy chair while you read a good book.

At 13-years young, this 27-lb terrier mix has a little wear and tear, leaving him with a permanent wink and some hearing loss. He’s in good shape though, with lovely manners (leash skills, house-trained, gentle with treats, responds well to hand signs, trustworthy to leave uncrated). Petting is his love-language and he will bury his face in your hands for ear rubs — or roll over and kick his little legs in the air for chest scratches!

In between meal time and nap time, he sometimes just sits on his hind end with his back legs sticking straight forward and his eyes on the horizon like he’s contemplating life.

Cuttlefish is looking for a forever family with a small yard (preferred, not required), sunny spots to nap in, warm blankets to dive into, and fur-friends (nice to have, but he’s also content flying solo). He’s an easy fella to have around with few requirements. Mostly, he just needs love and coziness.

If you’d like to cuddle up with Cuttlefish, ask us for more info today!!
Denver area only please

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