Meet Duke, the heart-stealing, senior Chihuahua mix who’s had quite the journey to find his forever sofa—er, home! This little guy is 16 years young and 18 lbs of pure love, with all of the spirit of a much younger pup (minus the puppy hassles.) Once he’s made himself at home, Duke’s house manners are impeccable — in fact, he’s a bit of a homebody and would prefer to chill on the couch with you than go out. He does enjoy a daily walk, and is a total PRO on a leash.

When it comes to socializing, Duke is a real charmer with a solid gold record with dogs, cats and humans. Oh, and while he’s got no interest in guarding resources, he does have a bit of an obsession with his food bowl—and your proximity to it. He’s highly food motivated and extra responsive to vocal commands if there’s a treat involved.

Our boy isn’t much of a barker, but he’ll let you know if someone’s tiptoeing around the yard. And while he might not hear as well as he used to, that just means he’s not bothered by loud noises—what a champ! Just a heads up: avoid touching his feet; he’s not a fan.

Energy-wise, Duke’s all about the easy life. A stroll in the yard or a short walk will do, and then it’s straight back to snuggling up. 

The ideal home for Duke? He needs an adult human who’s more into relaxing than running and who appreciates the finer, quieter moments in life. While a companion dog isn’t necessary, having someone around most of the time is essential for him. Preferably no – or minimal – stairs.

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