Cute as a bug’s ear is how we’d describe Yam, our sweet senior, 4.8 pound teeny tiny sweet potato pie! In fact, make that a LOVEBUG’s ear, because he loves everybody — new people, other dogs, even the kitties!
Yam has excellent leash manners and is a discerning barker — he’ll let you know if there’s someone at the door or an unusual sound, but otherwise, he’s very chill. As cute as he is, don’t mistake him for a baby because this pup has OPINIONS! Like peeing in the snow – nope, not for him (gotta watch him on those cold days!). But snuggling in adorable toy chi-sized sweaters is A-Okay! Gotta love a dog who actually likes being dressed up!
Yam is crate trained and sleeps all night, has excellent car manners, responds quickly to vocal corrections and knows the word “no”. He’s so smart and food-motivated that you can easily teach him more words than that! And he has that small-dog energy, balanced with a love of cuddling, which makes him a really fun companion.
Yam didn’t have an easy start in life which has left him with a busted jaw and no teeth, but he’s figured out how to adapt! This little guy is a survivor and has extra joie de vivre (and joie de FOOD) to show for it. If you’re the comfy cozy home this charmer deserves, and promise to provide him plenty of blankets to dive under, and cute sweaters to curl up in, and about ten tons of love — then contact us today!

Denver area only please

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