Little Freya was supposed to be a feral cat and we rescued her as a member of WDR’s Barn Cat Program. The whole idea was to place her in a nice cozy barn and put her to work chasing mice – an idyllic life for a wild kitty. But with her show-stopping looks and striking heterochromatic eyes, coupled with her petite 8 lb size and bright white fur, we’ve decided she’s meant for a different life.  

She really wants to be an indoor princess. 

Like most fairytale princesses, Freya had a rough start in life, coming from a large indoor/outdoor hoarding situation that’s left her skittish – and yet she’s so affectionate. Give her pets, scratches and ear rubs and it’s like you’re filling up a cup of love that’s been empty for far too long. Sometimes she’ll be so blissed out that she drools (in a most un-princesslike fashion!). That said, it’s best to work your way from butt to front when petting since she’s a little head shy sometimes. 

As much as she appreciates physical contact, she’s not a lap cat. Freya is happy to observe from a comfy perch most of the time, and if there are other cats around, she’s quite chummy.  

She’s also very playful and only a year old or so. She likes to chase string toys and balls and anything else that moves. But, our princess doesn’t like to play in front of people (so indelicate!) so you’ll hear hilarious sounds around the corner and only sometimes see what’s causing them! 

Freya is easily frightened around new people and experiences and is most at ease with a quiet, adult-only household with low foot traffic and a regular routine. She’ll do best in a home with patient people who will take things slow and steady. She’d enjoy a feline companion or two but we think she’d also be fine flying solo. A family without pooches would be best. Frey Frey’s litter box trained, easy to care for, and has a tiny, sweet meow for the dinner bell. 

If you think you might be the right Fairy Godmother for our pretty princess Freya, contact us today!
Southern California only please

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