Adopted – Biscuit

Picture of adoptable rescue dog Biscuit
Senior Male Small Mix Spayed/Neutered Up-to-date with routine shots Housetrained

***Update: Biscuit found his forever home and was adopted in March, 2018.

Our sweet tan and white Biscuit boy is a not-so-little 11 lb chichi who’s around 10 years young, and if you’ve ever shared your life with a Chihuahua, you’ll know that’s the prime!

10 Things We Love About Biscuit

  1. He’s a real cuddle bug and loves to snuggle wherever you are.
  2. His youthful self has so much fun playing and rolling around on the ground for belly rubs and tickles.
  3. When he sleeps, he has little snores that are guaranteed to make you laugh.
  4. Biscuit gets excited to go on walks, to go in the car, to get food, to walk into another room, pretty much to do anything!
  5. All of the above cause him to stick his tongue out in the biggest smile. It’s the best.
  6. His foster mom thinks his face looks like a little blueberry muffin.
  7. Since his oral surgery, Biscuit has a little underbite which makes him even CUTER!
  8. He’s not big on toys – there are tons in the house. What he really loves to play with are socks! He bats them around and will sometimes nibble on them (very gently, he’s never punctured a hole in any socks to date) and when he gets sleepy, he’ll even use them as a pillow.
  9. He knows that you’ll carry him up and down the stairs if he gives you those big puppy-dog eyes, so he waits, very excitedly, to be picked up.
  10. When you eventually give in, he’ll wrap his paws around your arm in a Biscuit sized hug.

He’s so cute, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry – your heart will just burst with love for the lil nugget.

Biscuit gets along with most dogs and will keep a cautious distance when first meeting, just until he knows they’re friendly. He’s about the same way with kids and adults which we think shows a great deal of sense. Not yappy in the least, he might bark with joy when you come home and then it’s cuddle time, or nap time (there’s a lot of nap time). We’ve been filling in a couple education gaps, like crate training, and he came to us with excellent leash and car manners. Yay!

After working on Biscuit’s return to good health, his bags are packed and he’s ready to hop in your car for a ride to his forever home. He had dental surgery and now has a healthy mouth, and after seeing a cardiologist, he’s doing great on daily meds to help with heart disease. Biscuit enjoys life as a cherished house pet, but what he really wants is to be your devoted BFF. He’s looking for a quiet home environment with or without another doggie pal, and we think he’d be fine with cats. He’s a low energy, low maintenance kinda guy dreaming of a mellow family to call his own.

If you need a loyal, lap-warming friend to fill your life with enthusiasm over the smallest things (Biscuit reminds us all to take nothing for granted), contact us today to meet Biscuit boy!

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