Darla – Foster Needed

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Adoptable Adult Female Medium Mix Spayed/Neutered Cat Friendly Up-to-date with routine shots Housetrained Prefers to be only dog

Say hello to sweetness, our darling girl Darla.

This pretty lady is even prettier in the fur. She’s a petite gal, under 50 pounds, in a sleek white and sable coat. She had a rough past that left her scarred inside and out, but her future is bright and beautiful just like herself. Darla brings a smile to your face with every glance her way, and she’s eager to meet her forever family and share all the love in her heart.

Darling Darla is around 4 years young, an energetic girl who’s super playful when in her comfort zone. Even with all that she’s been through, she’s such a well mannered pup. She’s very easy to care for and doesn’t complain about a thing. She enjoys the friendship of other dogs with mellow energy but tends to think everything’s hers so she’s looking for a home as an only canine. Darla knows a semi-feral barn cat in her foster home and is always a polite and calm girl when approaching the wildcat. We’re pretty sure she’d be able to live with a savvy indoor feline friend in her future home, and she’d probably enjoy the company. She has a slight hitch in her step thanks to whatever left that big scar on her leg, but she still loves her walks and running zoomies in the yard as long as she gets a break now and then.

Quiet and chill herself, Darla’s looking for dog savvy folks to match. She’d enjoy a peaceful adult home with low foot traffic but gave us the okay for older, respectful children too. A yard is a must because too many walks on hard surfaces are not good for her leg. She can be sensitive to loud and sudden sounds so a single family home in a tranquil neighborhood is desired. Sometimes Lil D can be timid around new people, especially men, but with patience and a bit of time she learns to trust the people who care about her. She promises to reward your effort with lots of kisses and cuddles for the rest of her life, and snuggling up with this one is definitely worth it. What an affectionate cuddlebug!

Darla’s great in the car and stellar in her crate. She’s been learning patience and impulse control while in her foster home as well as basics such as sit, down, wait, shake, bang and rollover (for belly rubs)! She’s very gentle with people and just a gentle soul to begin with, and we want her to be surrounded with gentle, loving kindred spirits for life.

Darla is looking for a foster or adopter! If you’re a mellow, responsible family with a tranquil setting, home and yard, please reach out to us today and ask about our charming girl!

Southern California only please


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