A-Dora-ble Dora is a very special 4-years young chihuahua lady bedecked in a snazzy black and tan gown. She’s great with kids (we KNOW!), is happy around multiple people and dogs (and will ask for snuggles and belly rubs from everyone), and isn’t an excessive barker. How perfect is she?! Pretty perfect to be honest. She even has excellent leash manners. She’s the kind of chichi who’ll be your buddy everywhere you’d like to take her, and at 11 pounds she fits just about anywhere.

Dora loves sleeping next to her foster-pup-siblings or diving under a blanket in your lap. We think she’d do well in a home with other dogs or as a solo act as long as she’s with her person. She’s very easy going and will integrate herself into your routines quickly but of course she doesn’t want to be left home alone all day. That’s no fun!

What we love about Dora:

  • She’s very responsive to vocal correction and is a quick learner.
  • She’s VERY playful (but not high energy). Watch her zoom around and hide all the toys – it’s hilarious!
  • She’ll cuddle with you all day if you let her, preferably under a blanket.
  • When being picked up or given a gentle cuddle squeeze, she makes adorable little grunts.
  • Dora has this funny little hop/tail-wag that takes over her entire body when she’s excited.
  • Sometimes when she puts her ears down, she looks like a cuter version of Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter. Seriously.

We’d like to see Dora with a Furever Family who can accommodate her cuddle-bug preferences. Apartment or single family home is fine, she doesn’t need much exercise but a good daily walk will help keep her girlish figure in shape. Even though she’s great with kids, we prefer older children with good dog manners for Dora’s little-dog safety.

If you’re looking for a cuddly companion and want to get in on this rare perfect chichi action, Dora’s your gal so contact us today!

Adoption inquires: adoptions@waggingdog.org
SoCal only please

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